Episode #96: Disney Villains

December 8th, 2013

Once upon a time, among the rolling hills & rain soaked streets of the Emerald City, the Cinema Sluts held a Disney Villain costume party.

"Once upon a time" was actually a few days ago & we felt the urge to touch on some of our favorite baddies with this week's episode.  We already got the duds for it.

Neither of us is a HUGE Disney fan, but we felt these three needed a special shout out since each one of their villains are dynamic in their own way.  Fast talking Gods, butt-hurt Goth chicks & over-ambitious Aviphiles are all the makings of quite a sinister soup.  

Ladle up a portion & tell us what you think.  Or don't - we're still doin' it.  Oh, yea, we're evil too.  a dash, a smidge.  Alright, not really.