Episode #99: Tolkien-sode I: The Two Towers

December 29th, 2013
Bonus - a recommendation for the 2nd Hobbit film (& a bit about the 1st)

A tale of Two Towers.  Both alike in dignity, it was good times, it was bad times. We know we've had our share.  (Ha, take that Chuck)  

Ahhh, the last episode before the fabled #100.  We wanted to make sure and get in our Tolkien-love, lest anyone out there thinks us all flotsam and jetsam in the realm of all things fantasy.  Far from it.  The Lord of the Rings movies are actually one of the foundations of stone that the Triforce was originally built upon.
You see, over many meetings of Mtn. Dew, Smash Bros. & roast mutton, the conspiracy was unmasked and we discovered our mutual affection for the Rankin-Bass version of The Hobbit.  From then on, all of Jackson's films received a warm welcome from the Sluts.

So, here's the first chapter in our Tolkien-sodes, as we cover The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Oh, and in all our excited commotion (you'll see/hear) we kinda spaced on the Karl Urban.  While there were moments of Sad Keanu, no bones about it Karl, we didn't Dredd your performance.  There were times you went into the Red, but we understand - you're Almost Human.  Tee Hee...