Episode #7: Adult(ish) Cartoons

February 25th, 2012

Spanning three decades,  cartoons that have a more adult-themed content often get overlooked nowadays.  It's important to remember that animation isn't just for the children, and we cover a wide range in this week's episode.

So strap in, suit up & get your one-way ticket to midnight & join us for one hell of a ride.

Oh, that and Don Felder, Matt's favorite Eagle...he needs a mention as well, since Matt forgot to mention him in the actual episode.  So yeah....Don Felder....Awesome....Check him out....do it....do it NOW...

Episode #6: Actlete: Athletes gone Actors

February 17th, 2012

It's A RUMBLE IN DA JUNGLE! 3 MOVIES...3 SUPERSTARS.  THEY USED TO CRUSH SKULLS ON TV, NOW THEY CRUSH SKULLS ON FILM! Stone Cold...They Live!...The Rundown!  Who's gonna be left standing & who's gonna be munching $240 of BLOOD PUDDING?!?!?!

. We have a fireside chat on guilty pleasure - it's a CAGE MATCH of talking!!  No Disqualification, No Mercy (you know who it's for), and No Way Out.  Go buy some bubble gum & suit up.


Episode #5: Liquid Cartoon Fried Gold

February 11th, 2012

We get in the wayback machine to visit our childhood.  Cartoons are now blockbuster events, but t'was not always so...  Join us for some cartoon convo and your chance to influence our impressionist minds.  Impregnable? Inflammable?  You know the word and we know you have cartoon ideas.  We'll pick a movie that LISTENERS suggest to round out another animated podcast.  Email us (cinemasluts@gmail.com) message us (to the right), Facebook us (The Cinema Sluts).  Roger us, wilco us, anything.  Hello hello earth.  Jazz to moon base 2. . .

Cartoon & Contest Promo!

February 8th, 2012

Promo for Friday's show PLUS a chance for you the listener to PICK THE MOVIES for our Cartoon Follow-Up Episode!

Episode #4: Mind the Gap

February 3rd, 2012

**Re-Post!!**   Louder volume for the portable listeners.  Alternative ending (truly - but that's only 30 sec).

Back from a week long hiatus,  we thought a delve into series that span decades might be a good way to start February.

So, on strap on your cloaking devices, crank up your flux capacitors & count to 3,  for this weeks episode: Mind the GAP!

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