Episode# 3: Faceless (sorta) Villians

May 29th, 2012

Picking the films for this episode proved rather difficult.  A few honorable mentions of those that did not make it & a stirring rendition of Clint Eastwood as portrayed by Matt.  Enjoy.

  • In the Line of Fire
  • Se7en
  • Phone Booth

Episode#19:A Shakespeare Sundae

May 27th, 2012
  • Richard II (95')
  • Much Ado About Nothing
  • Hail & Well Met fellow Sluts

    We, your exulted & most humble pontificators of celluloid adjudication, wish to bestow upon you, the ravenous listeners, a truly succulent morsel of an episode.  A stereophonic sonnet of such staggering score that in its listening, ones ears will weep tears of blood & the eyes ring with the voices of the angels.

    Homer & Byron, Marlow & Johnson (no relation): ALL GIANTS.  But we choose a different bard this week.  So, without further ado, sink your teeth into an episode MOST luscious & tender.

    P.S.  We took a step out to handle the 'classical' and see how the fish fried.  If you like it and want more, please tell us so.  There are acres of versions and stories, and we'd do it again if we thought enough people wanted it...

    Episode #18: Funny Monsters

    May 20th, 2012
  • Snakes on a Plane
  • Eight Legged Freaks
  • Gremlins

  • The Cast you've all been waiting for - David Arquette.  Horror is not a genre for everyone, but there are some crossover films that can hope to bridge the gap; albeit temporarily.  This trio almost gets you to cheer for the bad guys since they're so cool and the people are so evil or (intentionally) annoying.

    Creative death or maiming or cartoony violence plus personality makes it easier to enjoy these creatures.  2 fun frenzy films that owe their success to the pioneer:  Frank Welker (see Ep. 5) as Stripe.  Settle in for that guy who rarely escaped TV after the other Gremlins movie, Monica's hubby, and the guy who tried to rob McDowells.

    Episode #17: It Should’ve Been Better

    May 13th, 2012
  • Paycheck
  • Shoot 'Em Up
  • Charlie & the Chocolate Factory/Alice in Wonderland

  • It's great to be back loyal fans.  After last weeks psuedo-hiatus, we dove headfirst into our 1st "Listener Suggested" theme this week (Thanks Micah):  It Should've Been Better.

    We've all been subject to these gross disappointments.  Whether it be from a bad decision at the rental store, to waiting in line for the midnight showing...they can strike anywhere:   Rotten Eggs.  Flubs.  Flops.  They have names everywhere.   From poorly handled adaptations, to deceitfully engaging trailers or over-inflated goth operas...the ichor of a bungled film is a bitter swill to swallow.

    Nevertheless, we endured these this week 'cause we just love you THAT much.

    So tune in & hear just how deep these 4 flicks pushed us into the bog of ETERNAL STENCH!!

    Episode #16.5: Marvel Week

    May 7th, 2012

    We devoted this week to hosting the Marvel legacy that led to the opening of The Avengers.  5 movies in 5 days, then a midnight romp with some of the hardcores who hung out this week.  A heavy undertaking and a powerful payoff in what may be the best Marvel accomplishment with Joss Whedon (Firefly/Buffy) at the helm.  Join us as we ring a bell and make you salivate without ruining the exact flavor of what's for dessert.  As a bonus, we include some tracks from an amazing Denver metal band.  The nerd joy must be known, and we sing it from the mountaintops within our deep sea submarine.  Lest we need to list them:


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