Episode #31: Villains of Diabolical & Unsettling Nature

August 25th, 2012

Last episode we discussed the joys & perks of being evil (on screen) - but there's a point when fun turns to dysFUNctional and delight morphs into disturbing; when the antagonist levels up & takes that progression from “Bad Guy” to “Oh man…this guy’s freaking me the hell out!” Fru-its of the dev-eel.

There is an impressive wealth of wickedness that already exists in the pantheons of celluloid (Hannibal Lecter, Darth Vader, Nurse Ratched, etc).  We thought we’d supplement that with a few of our own picks.

We are going to count to 3.  There will not be a 4.

Episode #30: Singers Gone Villains

August 11th, 2012

  • Copycat (Harry Connick, Jr.)
  • Fear (Mark Wahlberg)
  • Sling Blade (Dwight Yoakam)

  • It was always a subject of contention between friends when we were younger.  Who’s playing who? “I’m Donatello ‘cause I’m the smartest.” “No, I WANNA be He-Man.” “D’uh, I’m Leonardo ‘cause he’s the Leader!”

    But what happened when you wanted to be someone else?  Mumm-Ra, Shredder, Skeletor?  Some of us, our imaginations ran rampant with the schemes & machinations of all the baddies we saw on our favorite shows, and we knew:   HOW AWESOME IS IT TO BE A BAD GUY?!?

    You’re not confined by the ridiculous moral “code” of the goody-little-two-shoes & you get spiffier outfits!  The evil women are almost always sexier (except Jem – she was hardcore!), and monster minions are great as long as you have mutant minions to scoop. We’ve done the heroes…now it’s time for the Villains.

    So fire up the death rays, pour yourself some Chianti & start growing a moustache to stroke.  It’s time to get DOWN with your bad-self in the exciting conclusion of our singer section.  Actually, we’ve got one more of these; um, stay tuned for the exciting conclusion.  TBD.  Yes, it’s new and you can have some if you come back.

    Episode #29: Sidelined Superheroes

    August 5th, 2012

    Featured Guest Host:  Miss Amy

    There has been no better time in movie history to be a comic nerd.  There are however times when a movie flares up, then is neglected or even forgotten.  Batman is a strange place to...  Begin(s); it was starved for credit once the 2nd movie came out.  V for Vendetta was for a limited audience in the know, and some were simply done with the Wachowskis (though they only produced - like Burton with Lincoln, Vampire Hunter) by that point.  The Punisher, well, it's a good base to see where (possibly why) the last generation of superhero movie makers dropped off.

    • no list - see bold selections above :)

    These movies are all very close together in time - of course there are examples of this happening before (send us suggestions) but we were too lazy to go further.  These are also really tight movies (2 of them) and should not have already been lost to the public.  If you don't know these, this might inspire; if you do, you'll share our thoughts as we preach to you, choir.  Hey, at least we made an excuse to talk about these awesome movies, right?

    & the Punisher.

    In honor of those lost in Aurora - hopefully justice will heal where words cannot...

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