Episode 36: WTF Mate Spoiler-ganza

September 29th, 2012

UMM - guess what we're talking about here??  For clarity, we are specifically spoiling our Episode 34 movies:

  • Primer (0-645)
  • Donnie Darko (645-1405)
  • The Fountain (1405-end of time)

Not the end of ALL time, mind you (we don't have that much disk space).  Just the end of the episode time.  A dessert of details for the listener who's seen it all and wants to dig deeper than basic plot and performance.  Enjoy & chew thoroughly...  and don't forget to swallow. In your mind!!

Episode #35: Turbo Zombies Activate!

September 23rd, 2012

Featuring the triumphant return of Miss Amy!

Way back when you could take a date to a scary movie for the close quarters when they got scared.  Campy became creepy when Rick Baker stepped it up and made it too real for some.  Like martial arts movies, people flocked to the flair, not the fluff that was the script.  Effects finally caught up to action films; so the paradigm has shifted for both fight and fright flicks, adding better stories and star power to the stabbing.  Both have gained speed to be legitimate options for movie makers.  The world has changed enough that a gal will take a guy to a horror/action movie (other options also).  Most triumphant.  What else has gained Speed and can have the best of both??  Zombies!!  The time has come for the common public to get what b-movie buffs have been saying for years:  there's more than gore.

  • 28 Days Later
  • Dawn of the Dead (2004)
  • Zombieland

Get your runnin' shoes on, these ain't your folks' lollygagging zombies...

Episode #34: WTF Mate?

September 16th, 2012
A trailer can show you the coolest stuff (which is sometimes all you need of a bad movie).  It can also spoil the surprises of a good movie.  Some movies are so out there that no amount of spoilage can help you understand them; a trailer can be deceptive in making you think a movie is normal then it's insane when you see it. 

Loved and hated (maybe even unknown), these movies spark discussions that often lead to arguments on who got it right or how much they sucked.  Like a prog-rock band, the talent cannot be denied - even if they are not your speed. 1 comes from out of nowhere, 1 is often said to go nowhere, and 1 goes too many places.  Join us in looking at these mindwarps, if you dare.  Keep an eye (and ear) out, we'll drop off our 1st spoiler section on these 3 pretty soon!

Episode #33: That Friggin Guy!

September 9th, 2012
  • The Rock
  • The Fifth Element
  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

We all have them: Points of contention within the film world.  Disputes, quarrels, sometimes outright BATTLES over taste.  What some people find evocative, heartfelt, & sincere - others deem clichéd, irritating, & hackneyed.

However, sometimes we’re tossed a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card; a fly in the ointment that can give you that edge in those dire situations of chatting about movies with friends (either old or new).  What do we mean?  Example:


Dude: Oh man, why can’t they make movies like ‘The Rock” anymore?

Guy: Are you serious?  Nicolas Cage is so BAD in that.  How can you watch that?

Dude: Oh Yes! I’ll concede that he SUCKS in it, but it’s such a good flick.

Guy: Wow…you know what?  I never thought of it that way.  Here...let me buy you a drink!


See…problem solved.  It’s what we do.  Three times.  Right now.

We finally dip our toes in the Bay, our hands in the Cage, our bodies in the Element of Rock, and dance on the Costner.  That last one was a stretch.  Strike that, reverse it.  You will agree –

“These movies were bad-ass, but OHHH...  They’d be so much better if it weren’t for that ONE FRIGGIN GUY”

Episode #32: Good Ol’ RubiksKub

September 2nd, 2012

John Huston had 35.

Truffaut: 21.

Lean mastered 24 before the end & Spielberg has 28 and counting.

Stanley had 12…more than half of which are said to have changed the face of cinema forever.

Kubrick was an extraordinarily complex director & while we have plans to cover (almost) his entire canon, the choices of our first foray into his world are an unlikely assembly.

Can you guess what the 3 are?  Huh?  Hmm?  Write your answers down, put that shiny grey stuff on top, put them into a SASE and send it to Cinema Sluts on Earth.  If we scratch it off and you win, we'll announce your name on the air.  In fact, if your letter gets to us - that's impressive on it's own.

P.S., if you cheat:  we'll know.  We have ways.  Like the rats of NIMH.  Submitted for your unwavering approval:  Stanley Kubrick has just been discussed -  in the Triforce Zone.

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