Episode #43: It Should’ve Been Worse

November 25th, 2012
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl/
  • Duets/
  • Clerks II/

 This week’s theme has been bouncing around inside our collective noggins for quite some time & with the recent announcement of Lucasfilm being sold to Disney, we now feel that the time has drawn nigh.  For many of us cinephiles, the apprehension & exhilaration of announced movies is a potent liquor.  From geek adaptations to original material triumphed by a favored director, it’s tough NOT to get excited for certain titles when you catch wind of them. HOWEVER…  there are those that, when you read/hear about them:  your stomach churns, your eyes roll, and you start wringing your hands like a half crazed Scottish queen.  How to kill those movies that will betray us - ALL of them! The tides are right, the wind is southerly & our keels are bursting to embark. But what of our destination?

It is definitely possible, but for our part we'll say - good luck hating these movies.  It's hard to not like them; they may not sit on the top shelf, but you should be allowed to form your own opinion about them.  We did, and we get the grin - agin, and agin.

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