Episode #52: Nightmare-Inducing Kid Flicks

January 26th, 2013
  •  The Dark Crystal
  • Super-8
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes

It's time to cover your eyes sweetheart...

"PG" "G" & "R" Inside a square they are probably the most recognized consonants from our respective childhoods.  In the age of the internet, horror & gore, boobs & buns come with a click of the mouse button; movies ratings don't seem to carry as much power as they once did.  More often than not, the stamp of the dreaded "R" prompted most parents at least a pre-screening before it was plopped into your greedy paws.

Yet, a few G & PG branded gems slipped through the rating cracks & managed to quicken the pulses of an entire generation.  From Ghostbusters to Gremlins, they were innumerable in their heyday and ripe for recess conversations the Monday after a sleepover.  They thrilled us & traumatized us, killing our kindness (softly) and we lost our innocence in under 2 hours.  So why not pluck a few from the dark corners of our demented minds & share them with you all?

Episode #51: In a Word: Dark

January 20th, 2013

We bring you 2 Bruces & a Rufus.  ..whaaaa??!!  

Does this help?  Spring is on it's way & the nights are already getting shorter, but that doesn't mean we can't savor a few more helpings of 'Dark' movie meat. Our first course:  a unique metropolitan entree that's sure to intrigue with it's captivating flavor that even the most bland of taste buds can appreciate - Dark City

The main course:  a succulent & rich Murciélago dish.  Complete with larynx-shredding spices & just a hint of the psychotic (as any good dish has) - The Dark Knight

And dessert.  Oh, do we have a surprise for you.  Our chefs here at the Cinema Triforce have once again outdone themselves with this clever re-imagining of a classic dish: Campbell's soup with grilled camp. - Army of Darkness

What's that?  Not a dessert you say?  Well, why not save your judgement for the feast & then let us know if that serving of humble pie went well with the rest of the ambrosia. Post Correction: Aaron Eckhart was not in Payback; he was in Paycheck (see episode 17 - It Should have been Better). We didn't bother re-recording to correct that.  Save your stamps...  We'll give you other reasons for angry letters, and we triple dog dare you to follow through with that.

Episode #50: Depressing Superheroes

January 13th, 2013

In what's likely to be the closest we will ever come to doing "Reality TV," we bring you our "Real-Life" superheroes.  Those caped crusaders of daring doo that leap over small buildings...  well, you get the idea. With The Avengers assuming the mantle of 2012 billionaire behemoth, and the next 3 years providing us with up to 5 new spandex clad titles, we wanted to showcase a few lesser known (well, two of them at least) titles that have a lot of heart & don't get as much airtime.

  • Special
  • Defendor
  • Kick-Ass

Lesser known actors and directors  (some, not all) may have placed them on the lower shelves, but that does not mean they can't carry the same weight (sometimes more)  as the name-brand hero tales.  We feature a track from Denver's Death Bed Confession off their 2010 debut album (also rocked it under our Avengers episode).  Buy it, then suggest your music to go under future episodes.  We're global, take advantage.

PS - thanks Microsoft for re-inventing functional features so it is harder to use headphones and suggesting an additional purchase of your products to fix your shortcoming.  We all want a pair for everything else outside, then a USB pair just for computer use.  Never has it felt so close to Apple.  Ok, rant over - enjoy our delayed episode. :)

Episode #49 - Ensemble ASSEMBLE: The 90’s

January 5th, 2013

Having been immersed in the world of film since we were each wee bairns, we are plainly obsessed with all things film.  This can make flaws appear sharper:  this soundtrack is far too over-powering, or that movie would've been amazing were it starring just one more strong actor.  In that vein of not having enough, we thought it pertinent to start out 2013 with our homage to films stuffed to the gills with actors.

  • Sneakers
  • Addams Family
  • Tombstone

We'll continue these over the coming months; dipping our toes into each respective decade, bringing you the cream of the "character combo" crop.  Some drama, some comedy, we may even get in a few romances...  who knows.  What we do know is that all will have one fundamental element: an amazing ensemble. Thanks to our friends & especially Jeremy Scott for helping us greatly improve our production side on the PC front; this week was easier than it has ever been and it's your fault.

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