Episode # 61: Down with the Episode

March 30th, 2013

We've not beaten around the bush regarding our penchant for all things silly & outlandish.  Hell, one gander at our title or listening to almost any episode will reveal that we're a pretty harebrained bunch of bananas.  That being said - it doesn't mean that we can't tackle some rather heavy themes & dig deep into some more serious fare when so inclined.

This week's portion: Sickness/Disease.  An ever-present & ever-evolving menace throughout our history, it's no wonder that a vast array of films has been created addressing the myriad of issues surrounding the ill.  The affirmation of one's mortality, the brutal truth of a non-terminal but debilitating syndrome, the abandonment of a loved one...  all are as stark as they are intense.

  • 50/50
  • Philadelphia
  • Wit

So, we will indeed return to our regularly scheduled program of wacky & zany next week, but until then:  Courage.

Episode #60: Pixar

March 23rd, 2013

Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial: 3 Bytes of Pixar

Pixar has had quite the fortuitous journey, both as a studio of profit & an oasis of artistic integrity.  From Luxo to Knick Knack, Woody to Nemo, they've demonstrated their capability in more than just the CG field; they've captured the hearts & imaginations of generations the world over.  They remain potent as we draw closer to their 25-year anniversary, all the while traversing that fine line between Disney saccharine & Warner Bros. zany - which is not an easy achievement.  One must not forget that operating within the shadow of the rapacious rodent does indeed have the potential to stifle creativity, but Pixar has avoided such pitfalls in its rise...  to POWER.  So, the Sluts, being who we are, thought it pertinent to catalog these triumphs, speak our piece & bequeath a genuine critique of a few select favorites among the computer-created cartoon canon.

  • The Incredibles
  • Wall-E
  • Brave

Though possibly tied forever to the company that would be their only major competitor for now, they tend to keep their integrity intact.  The future is fuzzy, but CGI has been kept fresh through their exploits.  Let's hope they keep it up.

Episode #59 Epic-sode II - The Godfather II

March 16th, 2013

We hope you didn't fill up on bread the 1st time, 'cause this one is longer!  Our next installment of 'good fellas on ice' goes deeper and racks focus on Michael (Pacino).  For the sequel that set the standard, we spent some time looking at the bonus features surrounding the trials & tribulations in the making this series.  Rarely can a period film capture the essence of the time; this one manages to do it twice in one sitting.  Strap in again as we run Space Mountain backwards and serve you more Coppola with asiago.  We'll have the penne arrabiata.  & a tray.

On a musical note - we used a Mothers of Invention version of the Godfather music in the outro to honor the founder:  Ray Collins.  He died in December, but hey - we were busy & missed it.  It is never too late to honor an amazing man who invited another amazing man to join his amazing band.  Thanks for welcoming Frank Zappa to the fold, Ray.  R.I.P.

Episode #58: Comedians Gone Actors

March 9th, 2013

Versatility was once an industry standard in film world.  Dancing, singing, fencing, acting...  all were required to be considered employable.  Oh how the times have changed.  The razzle-dazzle knob has turned back a few notches, but many still get stuck in a pigeon hole.  Now when an actor branches out from their preferred genre, they're hailed as innovative, groundbreaking & praised for their effort...  which is exactly what we're doing this week!  Here's what happens when you lose the mic stand and a brick wall for a set and script.

  • Big Fan (Patton Oswalt)
  • Good Morning Vietnam (Robin Williams)
  • Coming to America (James Earl Jones)

This topic may expand later, but this is strictly stand-up comics stepping into studio shoes.  Attempting to cut a wide swath, we start serious then end in ridiculous but still real; then a bit of column A and column B in between.  Enjoy - it's no carb audio.  In fact, you could lose weight listening to this, but you risk blowing snot rockets on your track suit at the gym.

Episode #57: 80’s Kids Save the Day

March 3rd, 2013

BMX, Espionage & Pirate Swag!  What more could you ask for in an episode?  No, we're not doing RAD (that's for later).  We thought it was about time we doffed our caps to the golden years of kids' movies.  You know, when the kids swooped in, quipped one-liners, vanquished the baddies & all without that saccharine-y processed after-taste that the Disney Channel leaves in your craw.

  • E.T.
  • Cloak & Dagger
  • The Goonies

As par the course, we picked the three & the words flowed like honey BUT we know there are more. Many more.  Which is where you come in: Message us & tell us what we missed!  Do it, do it now - get to tha email!  cinemasluts@gmail.com. Our nostalgic pining for days long past not withstanding, the genre is sadly lacking nowadays (one of a few exceptions:  Super 8/Episode #52).  What if modern cinema were to take a second look at that which has come before, and reach for that brass ring of youthful-flavored-awesomeness & nab a piece of history.  We're looking at you Edgar Wright.  Who knows...

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