Episode #65: Triple Grilled Cheese & Tomato Bruce

April 28th, 2013

GUEST HOST :  Conrad

Oh, have we got an episode for you!

Mummies, spit curls, bean curd, chins, unibrows, true love, MIRACLES.

While we've covered this particular gentleman in episodes past, this week we decided to devote the episode entire to that Man of Mojo...  the Baron of The B-Movie...  His Royal Chin-ness:  BRUCE CAMPBELL.  Not Since early Steve Martin has there been an actor more willing to baffoon himself for a film.

  • My Name is Bruce
  • Bubba Ho-Tep
  • Evil Dead II

And what better bloke to guest host with us than our OWN Ash: Conrad Snack-Attack

Young or old, big or small, pretty much everybody digs themselves some Bruce...  if you don't, you should.  Glide on some Old Spice, strap on your fancy pants & get groovy 'cause we're about to swallow your souls.

P.S.      We found a page - bubbanosferatu.com for a Facebook link; it is in the top right section.  That FB site has 70 likes right now.  Help it do a bit better than that if ya dig Bruce & Bubba.  & Paul the Giamatti.  & Butter.

Episode #64: Remakes for Debate

April 21st, 2013

Manhunter (1986)    at war with      Red Dragon (2002)

When last we left out heroes, the quest for the Holy Grail had grown cold & the dastardly dyad were on the prowl for an alternative quest with which to test their mettle.  Ravenous they were & deep did they delve, until one day they finally came across a quest worthy of their hunger.  Intrigue, danger & a taste of the obscene waited for our heroes on the road to...

REMAKES for Debate:  Behold, a Man-Hunting Dragon that is Red.

Quickly becoming a staple for the Sluts, the remake comparison is a pertinent choice for this week. HANNIBAL, NBC's new re-imagining of characters from the Thomas Harris novels, has been inching its way up the ratings ladder.  We are of two-ish minds when it comes to this pair, and that makes for a juicy episode.  Or does it?  It does.

Would you like a portion?  Then strap in & grab a bottle of Chianti.

Episode #63: The Cuppa Destiny

April 14th, 2013
  • Monty Python & the Holy Grail
  • Excalibur
  • Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade

We've yet to grace the Triforce annals with a taste of the Divine, so how 'bout a slice of that ole time religion?  We're not going full Last Temptation of Christ - we are partaking of a more in vogue mythos:  The Graaaail, Baby! Adventure, lust, betrayal, sacrifice, humility, daddy issues, Arthurian legend.  Ummm, mugs!  How can you go wrong with such fare?  We chose three rather diverse films this week as we really wanted to get a feel for the various ways that grail lore has been tackled thematically over the years.  A Comedy, an Epic, & an Adventure.  Quite the selection & we'd like to think our choices did not disappoint.  What do you think?


Episode #62: TV to Movie

April 7th, 2013
  • The A-Team
  • Dragnet
  • G.I. Joe:  The Rise of Cobra

  • Yo Joe!  I'm a Cop...  of Fortune.  Few flavors are sweeter than the savor of the nostalgic: that eureka moment when T.V. or movies zap you to your memory palace and stand in awe of the power of the brain.  What about using ideas from the 'small-screen' past?  

    The pros: an almost guaranteed fan base, the artistic endeavor of adaptation, AND the possible reawakening of once-treasured paradigms.  Battlestar Galactica, anyone??

    The cons: the odds are against a remake/adaptation, the claim of unoriginality, AND the possible/inevitable accusations of "you ruined my childhood."  Say like, anything George Lucas has done past 1983. 

    Three films.  Three variant sources.  One question: Will it Blend?

    Bonus: We saw the new G.I. Joe movie & give you a brief head's up on whether or not to go see it and why.  

    Here are 2 fan-cut trailers for G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

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