Episode #73: Our Terence Stamp of Approval

June 30th, 2013
  • The Limey 
  • The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert 
  • Superman II (Donner Cut) 
  • bonus - a discussion of Man of Steel

  • Being an artist does not always mean your a huge or constant success; but hey, if you could only be known for 1 role, wouldn't you rather it be ZOD?!  Terence Stamp brews his own brand of awesome with an English lemon-limey twist.  If he's not conquering a man in tights, (s)he is in tights.  Either way, he's coming -  3 times today in our next 3 Degrees of That Guy series.

    These roles & the feel of each film are very divergent.  The man has made himself a legend through making little effort to become largely famous; now he remains infamous.  Join us and kneel before him as we honor this cool cucumber.

    By the way - we forgot to mention while talking about Smallville that he friggin' shows up as Jor-El!!

    Episode #72: Remakes for the Slightly Worse - Psycho

    June 23rd, 2013

    GUEST HOST:  Adriana

    1960 devours itself in 1998. It's an oedipal film-snake.  Don't ask, there is no easy answer.


    '  It's sad, when a pair of sluts have to speak the words that condemn their own listeners.  But we can't allow you to believe that WE would compare these two films.  You'll judge us now, like you should have years ago.  We've always been bad, and in the end we intended to place all the blame on you... as if we could do anything but just talk & talk, like one of your other movie podcasts.

    We're just going sit here now and be quiet, just in case you do... suspect us.

    You're probably listening to us right now.  Well, go ahead.  Listen.  Listen & hear what kind of people we are.

    We're not even going to stop recording.  We hope you are listening... you'll see.  You'll see and you'll know, and you'll say, "Why, they would never stop recording on us"  '

    Episode #71: Justice

    June 16th, 2013

    Hey kids.  Why the long faces?  Why not start your day off the RIGHTeous way with a full serving of Justice Smacks?  Nutritious & delicious, Justice Smacks are packed with vitamin J, moral fiber & principles.*  Now you can face your day with a healthy body & an eerily fanatical sense of piety to fill the gaping hole left by your murdered family.

    *Now comes with 3 marshmallow flavors.

    • The Boondocks Saints
    • Law Abiding Citizen
    • Mystic River

    Other breakfast cereals are loaded with sugar & ethical ambiguity.  Not Justice Smacks.  After just 3 servings, you'll be tattooing yourself in Latin, setting up jarringly macabre Rube Goldberg devices & screaming at the nearest policeman about whether or not that's your child.  What better way to start, maintain & end your day?

    Justice Smacks.  You'll know the taste, even blindfolded.

    Cinema Triforce is part of a fair & balanced breakfast.

    Episode #70: Date Night: Part I

    June 8th, 2013
    • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    • Zack & Miri Make a Porno
    • Short Bus

    It's 'cozy on the couch night' at the Cinema Triforce, and oh what glorious date movies we have in store for you. While some prefer romance, others dig a cryptic suspense.  Where thrillers are the ace-in-the-hole for some, others would like a simple spit-take comedy to break the ice.  Tastes are vast & so are this week's choices.  We really jumped all around the map, but trust us: it's worth it.

    A quick word of warning: this week's picks are unquestionably adult-themed.  So much so that at one point Matt inquired if we were watching a live-action rendition of Team America: World Police (sans the scat bits, of course).  So, if weird storylines, expletives, nudity & graphic sexuality aren't your cup of tea, we suggest skipping this week. If they are, then get on the eternal pornshine bus y'all.  Snuggle up & listen to us break it down on how these movies make with the romance.

    That right:  it's a Detour on the L-Train to P-Town.  Ya know what we mean?

    Really...  do you know? 'cause that was our original title for this episode and we have NO IDEA what the hell we were talking about.

    Episode #69: Green Beret Marshmallows for Breakfast

    June 1st, 2013

    A very happy Saturday one & all.  We Are Back!  Crypticon was indeed amazing & we ended up having such a stupendous time thanks to everyone present.  We spent a lot of time prepping ourselves; hence the lack of episode last week. So we thought what better way to make up for our absence than a return to top form with a Triforce favorite:  The Austrian Oak himself - ARNOLD.  Only this time...  it's personal.  Sort of...  we don't know.  It's hard to have a tagline in an episode description.  Is it as hard to find 3 more Schwarzenegger titles that rock?  Not if you have a respect for Logic.

    • Commando
    • Twins
    • Total Recall

    As with our previous selections, we chose each flick to illustrate that the Artist-Not-Yet-Known-As-The-Governator can be more than just a wise-cracking badass (though mostly he is that, and he flies that flag proudly).  While it is indeed difficult for most to imagine him as anything more than just an Action Star, we'd like to think he's got more up his sleeve than the Uzi-9mm.  What do you think?  Comm on!  Teeelll us!  Dooo it!  Get to the Facebook!  Ruunn!

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