Episode #77: Epic-sode III - The Godfather III

July 27th, 2013

This week we're drawing to a close our coverage of The Godfather trilogy.  After our longest episode last week, we give you one of our shortest.  We'll post our SPOILER episode for the trilogy in foreseeable future , so stay tuned.  These served as a thoroughly enjoyable introduction to our Epics-sodes category & we would very much like your feedback as to what we should tackle next.

Go ahead & send your suggestions to cinemasluts@gmail.com.

And we'll see you next week.

P.S. - the Italian lines at the beginning are from The State, a sketch comedy show on MTV.  We are not trying to make fun of Italians, but referring to a sketch that takes that risk.  As Americans, we know we're ridiculous; we are not better than anyone else, perhaps luckier in some respects.  Everybody is awesome somehow - & we're all sluts.  In the cinema.

Episode #76: The Future

July 20th, 2013


  • Minority Report/
  • Road Warrior/
  • Sunshine/

What if you ran out of fuel for your hybrid solar/gas-powered jet pack?  What if dinosaurs come back?  We've covered a myriad of future-esque films in past episodes (Back to the Future, Aliens, Paycheck).  Through the years, we've seen the future in various styles by many directors/writers.  This week, we tackle the prospect of the "Near Future" and what may be in store for us, as both a society & a species.

Justice, Anarchy & Science:  Rather heavy topics all by themselves, but when merged with our theme this week, it opens up a whole new can of proverbial worms.  Is security worth the price of our own freedom?  Is technology the only barrier between us & chaos?  Do we as a species have the capacity to prevent our own extinction?  Make a contingency plan & find out just how heavy this week's episode gets.  There's that word again...  Heavy.   Would you like some dystopia with that?

Episode #75: The Coen Bros Chapter 1

July 13th, 2013

A few weeks ago the acting world received a shock with the sudden death of James Gandolfini, robbed from us at the unnatural age of 51.  We've had a few of his credits on our "To Do" list for quite some time, so it seemed right to break one of them out now.  While Gandolfini's stardom exploded with his portrayal of hot-headed & conflicted mobster Tony Soprano, the scope of this talent as an actor was nonetheless nuanced.  What better artists to wrangle James into submission than The Coen Brothers?  From Blood Simple to Lebowski (8 year-olds, Dude), we LOVE us some Coens!  Sadly, our 1st segment was the only time Coen Bros movie he got into, but he does a superb job.  A great departure for the big menacing figure that he often portrayed.  

For those who have other favorites:  fear not!  We will get to them as we draw again from the Joel & Ethan well.  This is only the beginning.  We'll show you the power of the mind...   later.  For now, witness 'The Man Who Burned Arizona.'  

Episode #74: In A Word: GHOST

July 6th, 2013
  • Ghostbusters
  • Thir13en Ghosts
  • Ghost
  • Kick the tires & light the fires 'cause the word is OUT people!  This week we decided to launch yet another category in our "Series" episodes.  Now we've already notched our belt with such gems as:  The Decade's Need to See, Remakes For the Better/Worse & In Defense of.  Is there another way?  In a word:  Yes.

    So many variant factors connect one movie to another:  Journey of the hero, outstanding special effects, concepts of morality, Kevin Bacon...you get the idea.  What if you simply wanted to connect flicks thru their titles?  Let's go even further and just focus on a Word.  

    Dying is the #1 killer among everything; just ask those who have tried to swallow jade or lead.  Sometimes the dead come back and slime you.  Or scare you.  Or help you spin a pot.  Alright our lil' Scooby Doos, turn out the lights & think happy thoughts.  OOhh, and pudding.

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