Episode #86: The Power of Suggestion

September 29th, 2013
Usually it is our job to recommend, but this week, others did it for us.  The choices - it's still us talkin' aboot the flicks.

When it comes to film, it's fascinating to witness the evolution of the "Recommendation."  While mainstream critics still wield a rather hefty & (some would argue) unbalanced sword with the "Yay or Nay," their power as a voice of endorsement has been slowly dwindling.  Social media & interest-aggregating websites have taken the reins from the Maltens, Shallots & Schwarzbaums.  Not to mention podcasts:  you're welcome.

Now the art of recommending films can be more personal.  If you disagree with Manohla Dargis, you could tweet your distaste & hope she sees it sometime.  However, if a tip from Aunt Mabel just made you lose 118 minutes of your life to a saccharine-soaked poo-fest, you can be damn sure the next time she sees her Facebook wall, it's gonna be splattered in 50 shades of crimson.  And brown

The Film Recommendation: precarious by nature & an invariable source of discussion.  How could we resist?  How can you resist?  If we take on your suggestions, we'll mention you on the air!!  No better thing than that...  right?

Episode #85: Color Filters Galore

September 22nd, 2013
  • The Matrix
  • Traffic
  • The Crow

  • Computer-generated effects have truly become the standard in contemporary cinema.  At a time when a vast majority of what we see is infinitely malleable, effects/tricks that were once considered definitive have bled into the background.  Is it affecting or just irritating when movies create worlds of monochrome?

    It is a delicate subject for this week: The Filter.  & The Light.

    Warm or Cold.  Sharp or Soft.  All have their uses and it's a bold choice to employ them to the (contentious) fullest. 

    If all the power in the world resides in the eyes, then hold on dear listeners.  'Cause we're gonna unplug you and yank back the veil that's been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.  

    No one gets away clean.  Um, Drugs.  And Birds.  And Bullets.

    Episode #84: Video Game Movies

    September 14th, 2013
    • Tron  
    • Last Starfighter
    • (Secret Track - Bishop of Battle Chapter in 1983's Nightmares)
    • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    (all trailers near the bottom in the links)

    Shall We Play A Movie?  Um, Yes.  PRESS START!  Eighties nostalgia & vibrant, geek-infused mash-ups.  That sounds like the makings of an episode, doesn't it?

    So, some set-up:  Video Games.  Their influence in popular culture has exploded over the past thirty years.  What was once mocked & belittled by the artistic elite has blossomed into a multi-billion dollar industry.  An industry that, if trends continue, will soon eclipse both the music AND film world.  Monetarily & artistically.  

    We know the 1st 2 are a tad dated, but they were chosen for very specific reasons.  Our third was selected for its genius in blending all that came before it.

    There is also a ton of video game music.  Check out Danimal Cannon, for one!  He even makes tracks with Game Boys!

    So prep your game hands, grab some Shasta & settle into the couch or banana chair, 
    'cause we're gonna put you on the Grid & in a Gun-Star - against the World.

    PS - as we write this, we have paid to own our third film & Macgruber (as discussed 2 weeks ago).  Our money & our mouths are aligned.  The SPvsW  blu-ray has hours of great features, bloopers, deleted, commentaries.  just go buy it after we tell you/remind you how stupendous it is.  

    End of Line.  We Die.  Scott has Learned the Power of Listening.

    Episode #83: Band Film Scores

    September 8th, 2013
    We had our Singers Gone Actors episode, so now it's on to bands turned composers.  Until recently, when such billings were announced, the general public tended to look unfavorably on the idea.  

    Now, thanks to some of  music's more progressive pioneers (a few of whom we discuss this week) it's really not that unusual.  The Chemical BrothersTrent ReznorDAFT-PUNKBasement Jaxx:  All have scored big studio motion pictures in the last decade or so, most of which have gone on to win various awards, achieve cult status, or both.  

    We chose these because we wanted to awaken that sleeping audiophile you all have snuggling inside your respective noggins.  With a mighty hand, join us as we save everyone one of you from boredom.  Do you have any tobacco?

    PS - the sound on Flash got weird; we recorded from the Dethsub.  Thanks Nathan.  

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