Episode #95: EPIC-SODE IV - Gladiator

November 30th, 2013
With Thanksgiving just concluded, we wanted extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you amazing listeners out there in Cyber-ville.   You all rock!  

We also wanted to give thanks for the little things in life that make everyday worth it:  foot rubscheesehot showersBill Murray, not being betrayed & fighting to the death everyday in the Coliseum.   

Say, that gives us an idea!  

What we say in this episode, echoes in your ears.  

So on our signal, unleash hell.  

Your Time for over-eating will soon be at an end...  Highness.  

Episode #94: Remakes, East vs. West

November 23rd, 2013
  • /Yojimbo
  • /Fistful of Dollars

  • Welcome aboard Slut airlines.  Once again we are cruising at a comparison altitude of twenty-thousand-Awesome.  Our destination is set and it's coast to coast Bad-Ass-ery this week as we journey both East AND West to bring you a set of sublime superheroes with a penchant for perplexity, pain & pot stirring.  Do buckle up, we're expecting a Fierce Ty-Fune from the East Woods.

    Vague, you say?  Not at all, we reply!  'Cause once you've cracked the whip on these two flicks, you'll see just what we were talking about.  Our only regret with this episode is that our two stars never had the chance to star opposite each other - oh, the flicks that might have been...

    The captains have switched on the START-LISTENING sign, So, go ahead...make our day.  

    Episode #93: I Have a Brother (in this Movie)

    November 16th, 2013

    If you were thrown into working professionally with your brother/sister, how might you react?  Would you be an unstoppable, cohesive unit of "Getting It Done" or an expletive-laced tornado of suck, interspersed with moments of rage?

    Well, we hope it's the former 'cause this week our topic is just that: Hollywood actor siblings and how well they operate on-screen.  Whereas most actors only have rehearsals to develop a bond with each other, siblings have a decidedly unique advantage in such situations (you know, they've been rehearsing this their whole lives).  How well does it play out on the screen?  Tune in & see what we think:

    We're hoping to get at least one other episode out of this topic, but were hard pressed for any sister/sister duos that may be out there.  If you have any suggestions, shoot us an e-mail: cinemasluts@gmail.com or message us on Facebook.  Actual siblings - Undercover Brother & Sister Act (1 or 2) do not count.  

    Episode #92: And You Are… Tales of Memory

    November 9th, 2013

    With the triumphant return of Matt the Magnificent, the Sluts are of a mind to spark your memory & kick-start your medulla-oblon-gotcha.  

    The destination is hazy, via the route of amnesia (or at least some form of it).  While it's a plot device that has been run into the ground over the years, we're quite frankly elated with the variety of choices we were able to give you. 

    From simple romance, to bullet toting bad-asses, to nail-biting thriller, this week we jumped all over the map.  Wanna see/hear the scrapbook of our adventure?  

    Episode #91:The Matrices (2/3) Unpacked

    November 2nd, 2013

    In observance of his birthday, Matt is taking a much earned week hiatus.  

    Jumping into the co-pilot seat, once again, is the ever opinionated,Mistress of Malcontent: Miss Amy.

    Having discussed these films ad nauseam in the past, we turned on the mics, learned how to fly a kung fu helicopter and broadcast our own little pirate signal to hack into the cacophony of "Matrix Hate" that tends to permeate the Nerd-isphere.
    • The Matrix Reloaded
    • The Matrix Revolutions  
    So pop a Red Pill, jack-In & listen to how deep this rabbit hole really goes...
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