Episode #103: Without struggle, there is no progress.

January 25th, 2014

Guest Host: Brandon Lee

Alright.  Are your plates clean?  Still got your napkin?  Ready for the next dish? 

As promised, here's your second helping of racism.  We hope the first course wasn't too heavy.  After leaders of change in the 60s were martyred through murder - including the president - the followers of the message sought to move forward with less fighting.  Not everyone agreed.  This film shows parts of that disagreement.  For those who were blown away by Dangerous Minds, hold on to your hats.  John Singleton put the argument into high gear with some serious issues that still occur nearly 20 years later.  

And remember:

Don't let nobody bring you down.  

Episode #102: By Any Means Necessary

January 18th, 2014
Guest Host:  Brandon Lee

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, we wanted to delve into some more serious cinema by discussing films that have explored racism at great lengths.  Little did we know that when we asked the amazing Brandon Lee (no relation) to join us in this endeavor, that we'd end up getting 3+ hours worth of material!  That's a LOT of episode to digest... 

As this is a subject of rather immense gravity (no thanks to Sandra Bullock or George Clooney) , we thought we'd trim some of the fat and serve said fare in portions, so you don't gorge yourself on too much sluts.  Or race wars.

Worry not, 'cause there are two more courses coming in the following weeks:
  • Higher Learning 
  • American History X

You can get your 2nds & 3rds then.  No trays, though.  All the food can get along on one plate.  

Episode #101: Shuffle

January 11th, 2014

"It's on Random."  

Featuring Guest Host:  Miss Amy

It's a grab bag of a week as we throw caution to the wind & hope you'll join us for the party Richter (we already did that). Miss Amy had tossed this idea into our noggins some months ago.  We thought of calling it The Slut Shuffle, but feared that could draw the wrong crowd.  

So, we asked her to pull up a stool & join us for the ensuing carnage that can only occur when a few hosts like ourselves are left wandering the cereal isle like the sugar-crazed delinquents we are.  

There's no rhyme.  There's no reason.  There's just the Episode.


Oh, and for anyone listening intently: It was episode #61: Down with the Episode. 

Episode #100: Drugs: The 2nd Toke

January 4th, 2014
It's a return to the Beginning Fezzini, as we usher in our 100th episode with Drugs.

Our first episode's contenders were those substances of a distinctly illicit nature.  This week, we aimed a little closer to the heart for most.  While they may be socially acceptable, it doesn't change the fact that they are...indeed...DRUGS.    

So grab a church key, pour a cup & pass the dutchie on the left-hand side...oh, and don't forget: party at the Moontower.
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