Episode #112: Remakes Remade - 3rd Time is a Charm?

March 29th, 2014
A number of episodes ago (#94), we ventured forth on an East -vs- West comparison under the vanguard tutelage of Akira Kurosawa & Sergio Leone.  Now, when setting out, we certainly did not expect to meet a third contender at the crossroads of this discussion.  

Here is a humble (though a bit harsh) addendum to that grand adventure.  While it's a tad late (more than 48 hours for sure) we think you'll enjoy it nonetheless.  Prepare yourselves for another chapter on your art, Warriors.  Don't worry about re-loading for the episode we almost called:  "Whatchu Walken 'Bout, Willis?"

Episode #111: Shuffle-ish

March 23rd, 2014
Fortuitous fortunes befall us as we once again close our eyes, take a deep breath & hit the RANDOM button!
Okay, so No.  We didn't pick these literally at random; more that fate saw fit to spontaneously lump them together onto a shelf when we were out & about.  What started out as mere jest, flourished into what's effectively become the second installment in our SHUFFLE series.  
Remember humble listeners: there was no scheming.  Seek ye no clever conspiracy here.  This is a war you would believe.  The cops are not in on it.  It's merely an enjoyably unforeseen mishap that left us reeling in the connections.  
As always, we dare you to give us 3 titles to figure out a way to connect them.  It will be ours, oh yes:  it will be ours.  

Episode #110: I’d Rather Watch - Dragons

March 15th, 2014
The Big Boss -VS- Rapid Fire

Words are futile for this week's picks.  Except Unbe-LEE-vable 

The theme is simple, but the choice is excruciating:  

Which Would You Rather?

Bruce or Brandon?

Beginning our new series, we pit 2 films against each other.  This time, it's for blood (relations).  The only way to know the answer is to see both choices, but one often comes out ahead.  Both of the Lee boys were masters of their time; there can be days when there is only time for 1 movie.  What do you do, hotshot?!  What do you do?

Choose...but choose wisely.  

Episode #109: Not Non-Stop

March 8th, 2014
At The Cinema Triforce, we dig us the Liam Neesons...A LOT!  

Recently, however, our Solid-as-a-Rock partnership was recently Taken hostage & shaken to the very core:  a mismatch of exuberance regarding Neeson's most recent film.  So, Over The Next Three Days this cinematic strife plagued us Non-Stop and things were looking pretty Grey, until we realized there was only one thing to do:  resolve this Fallout with a celebration of avionic proportions.  

That's right.  Hi-jinks in the high skies avid listeners.  

From Michael Bolton-vs-Arsenio Hall to notebooks and blood banks, we covered a lot of Deadly Ground this week. 

While may this episode may be a few Jedi/God/Knight/Supervillains short of a full-frontal fighting frenzy in fast n furious flying fury, these 3 movies are fun without making you question your existence.  Maybe just consider driving home next time.  Matt will talk about Non-Stop briefly in the future once he has a moment to see it.  Til then, insert the plug into the jack & your couch cushion can be used as a flotation device.  Also, oxygen will come from the trees & plant life; though the air may not inflate, you will be getting it.  No smoking.  

Episode #108: Matthew Broderick Destroys/Saves The World

March 2nd, 2014
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and listen to podcasts once in a while, you could miss it.  

Say...WE have a podcast and it just so happens that this week Leisure Rules! 

 That's right boys'n'girls: It's  Ferraris, Global Thermonuclear War & monkeys in motion as we celebrate the Sultan of Slackers: Ferris Beu...ah..we mean...Matthew Broderick! 

With his adolescent face, quirky charms & bewildered expressions, Broderick was kind of the "Guy To Be"  from our childhoods.  One-liners, world-saving (or threatening) & adventures were his bread'n'butter at the time; how could we not LOVE his body of work?

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