Episode #134: Matt, Defend Your Childhood!

August 30th, 2014
Round #2: Hitting the mat swinging for this round, Matt unloads on your ears with a volley of varying styles: Ninjutsu, Sinanju (no relation).  Hell, he may even pull out an ancient medieval sci-fi weapon to finish you off by the end.  Who knows...
Amidst the deluge of 80's nostalgia that hit us during this episode, we actually had an epiphany.  Regarding the "quality" controversy that envelops much of the home entertainment market nowadays, we're of the opinion that a few misaligned pixels ain't nothing on a 3rd generation JVC copy of Super Fuzz.  You don't know a bad picture until you've had auto-tracking recorded on the copy you copied from the friend who copied it off the TV.  Audio:  we're happy we don't have to fight through white noise just to hear the best jokes.  


Episode #133: Epic-sode IV - Braveheart

August 23rd, 2014
*For full effect, the following must be read aloud in a bad Scottish accent*

A'lright lads & lasses...we hope you're all ready  for we got another taste of the EPIC for you.  It's been far too long since we last delivered such an episode and we hope this week doesn't disappoint.  This oughta hit ya like a bolt of lightning

Now, say what you will about present day Mel, back in the day, hoo-boy was he awesome!  A prince, a cop, a road warrior...there's nothing this lad couldn't tackle and transform into solid gold, and legendary sagas of Scottish insurrectionists were not exempt from this Midas touch.  

It may not be a perfect history lesson, but one cannot deny that it is indeed: EPIC.  

So here, you listen...we'll hold you down.  



Episode #132: 2014 SUMMER SLUT PICKS PT. 3

August 16th, 2014
The air grows cooler and Autumn is nigh!  Luckily, we've got one more sunny season selection for you ladies & gentlemen.

With this last sweet, sweet helping of Summer fun, we found a little something for everyone: raccoons, octopuses, apes.  Man, there are a lot more goodies folded into these three flicks, but if we delved further, we'd be spoiling the episode!  And you don't want us doing that, do you?

Thanks to all our avid listeners for giving us the excuse to spend these beautiful summer months entombed in the air conditioned confines of the movie church. 

BTW:  Here's Chris Pratt rattling off Enimem like it ain't no thang

Episode #131: Full House of Grind

August 9th, 2014
This week it's a Rodriguez/Tarantino TRIPLE FEATURE with three adrenaline-fueled roller coasters that are guaranteed to spill & thrill!
If you haven't yet had the pleasure, DON'T waste any time: get yo ass in gear, call up your fellow Bad-Asses and set up a late-night screening.  For all the feeble attempts at putting women up front, these movies manage to tell unbelievable stories with more believable female characters than most.  

 'Cause you haven't experienced AWESOME til you've had a full dose of the GRINDHOUSE.

OH, and Conky says this week's secret word is: BATMAN

Episode #130: Remakes for Serious

August 3rd, 2014
Adam West -VS- Michael Keaton

It's been 75 years since the Dark Knight first breached the collective consciousnesses of the world.  Now, eight decades, multiple re-brandings & tens of thousands of pages later, the crusade of the caped continues.

For those of us who adore film, the lore of the Worlds Greatest Detective has also born some choice pieces; two of which are the highlight of this week's episode.  While we reached our own conclusion regarding the fate of this bout, remember this doesn't make us "Right."  

That's the wonderful thing about Batman:  no matter what medium or version you prefer him in, he's still frekkin BATMAN...  and he's so F#$%ing tough (that's right).

P.S. : Here be the Grayson trailer we mentioned in the episode.  AWESOME! 

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