Episode #147: Remakes Across the Ocean

November 30th, 2014
Abre Los Ojos -vs- Vanilla Sky

Whether Chris may be aware of it or not, we've turned in a great many "Remake" episodes.  However, only a handful of these are of an international flavor.  This week we do a remake that began in Spain. 

Usually remakes in another country create a different style, so both can be appreciated for their own flavors.  We're not talkin' Amazing Spider-Man territory, we mean noticeably different approaches to a story.  Still want Penelope Cruz but not Tom Cruise?  Try the original..

It's not often that we can do two films where an actor plays the same character in both.  Please send us suggestions of when this was done in other remakes - cinemasluts@gmail.com.   We do have a similar remake box we've yet to unwrap for you, but until then...  

Listos?  Ahora, escuchan y disfrutan por favor.  

Episode #146: The Fall of Anthony Michael Hall

November 23rd, 2014
Submitted for your consideration:  A Grade-A Brain with a penchant for awkward vacations, nocturnal emissions and crust-off PBJ's.  

Now add two parts Iron Man and a dash of gothy-pirate.  Stir counter-clockwise & let sit for ten years, and what you have is a goulash fit only for a madman.

A goulash served exclusively in the Dead Zone.  

B T Dubs - here's a small clip from Community with AMH, we couldn't find longer sections.  but he is in the 1st Season Xmas episode.  It is on Amazon streaming :).
Corrections:  Curly Sue (not Peggy Sue) was a John Hughes flick we were mentioning.  Also, Matt was wrong about Erika Eleniak from Under Siege:  she was on Baywatch, the next best thing to being a playmate..

Episode #145: Epic-sode V: Gandhi

November 16th, 2014
The horror is finally behind us, blood-drenched listeners.  After enduring six weeks of terror, dread & disgust, how about something to cheer you & raise your spirits?

Sort of...

While it has been said that nothing is perhaps more horrific than actual torrid history, we also find jewels of hope & achievement woven within these same homespun threads.

Mohandas K Gandhi, "Mahatma" or "Bapu" to his friends, was one such jewel.  In 1982, Richard Attenborough delivered his 15 years-in-the-making magnum opus unto the world.  

It inspired, enchanted, & incited.  This feat is indeed worthy of a "Saga" classification.  Epic, we might say.  We did say.  Stop listening to what we're saying..  we mean, listen to all that we say.  We have microphones

Episode #144: Horrific Shuffle

November 8th, 2014
Yeah sure, it's November, but we're still gonna deliver one more HORROR-TASTIC episode since you've all been such good listeners.  We thought we'd end this debacle of debauchery & devilry Triforce style and set the player to RANDOM this week.  A mixed bag of treats.

However, we may have paid the price for such reckless abandon.  We thought to ourselves "Ello, we think we oughta fly about;" though we glimpsed such wondrous sights from this vista (demonic cats AND Proto-Otho), we may have flew a bit too close to the sun.  

Music note:   The theremin version of Sleepwalk is from this Youtube user:  TheHillabeans .  She has quite a selection of theremin tunes if you want to seek her out.  

Episode #143: Messin’ with the Genre

November 1st, 2014
Like William Shatner, horror has gone to such extremes that it now can refer to itself.  Like Leonard Nemoy, though it tries to deny it, it is often best when it just admits what it is according to the audience.  Through that, now horror can toy with the audience because so many things have been effectively set in stone.  We lined up 3 movies that have done this in the last decade, each with a different approach, different budget, and different levels of exposure and success.  

Once it is pointed at, some of these definitive moments can be quite funny to most people (not just us demented folk who always laugh at horror).  These films go so far as to cover a particular person in blood each time something happens.  Forget bullets, there is a bucket that has your name on it!  Enjoy the cinema slaughter.

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