Episode #275: Dark Crystal, Age of Resistance

November 25th, 2019

As the day of gluttony arrives, we bring a binge of the new series based on 1982's The Dark Crystal from Jim Henson.  Plenty of modern attempts have fallen way short of previous incarnations or installments of a franchise/story.  Hoping for the best, this show blew Matt's cursed mind!  After so much time, capturing the majesty & creating a larger plot with a similar blend of awe and fear was not likely, yet it was done with gusto.  Come listen to the gushing, plus the idea for a follow-up episode where we'll dig deeper into what this show represents on various levels.

Episode #274: Flubisode VI

November 11th, 2019

do we need a subtitle?  or any explanation?  it is goof-ups & gaffs.  I will note that a big random noise that happens was in a clip titled "the fall of soda mountain" as a big stack of 12-packs toppled over.

Of note from the previous episode:  the only time over years of Halloween-ish episodes, i've never spoken out about the candy danger thing... then the 1 time I do, at least 2 states have multiple instances of actual razors, pot candy, and maybe poison!!  What are the friggin' odds?!

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