Episode #298: Bargain Shuffle

October 26th, 2020
  • The Burning Dead (15)/
  • West of Hell (18)/
  • Crow (16)/

What an adventure we take you on this week, as Matt goes blindly into 3 movies he randomly bought uber-cheap.  Did it go well?

Links:  Machete, Candyman, Poltergeist, The Crow, The Rock, Last Dragon, Lion in Winter

Episode #297: I’m Glad We Talked-isode

October 12th, 2020
  • Hidden Figures/
  • Dolemite is my Name/
  • Barbershop/

Bringing the subject in the air & on the streets for this year to a close, we bring you some more talk of history while easing into comedy & fiction.  We swear we'll aim for lighter stuff for a while.  Are there specific types of movies people watch during October??  Not sure if we've ever heard about anything...

Links:  Proud Mary (links for Hot Tub Time Machine, Red/Smoking Aces, The Thing, Karate Kid, The Help), Robin Hood (prince of thieves), Spider-man 2 (has links for Interview with a Vampire & Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind/Zack & Miri), Virgin Suicides, 10 Items or Less, Alita: Battle Angel, IT, Beverly Hills Cop, Shrek, Mulan, Golden Child, Demolition Man, New Jack City, Boyz in the Hood (has links for Higher Learning, 3 Kings, & Rampart), 21 Jump St & 22 Jump St, They Live.

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