Episode #313: Buddy Cops I’d Rather Watch

June 22nd, 2021

Beverly Hills Cop II AND III vs. Cop Out

The hot summer battle royale pushes on, with 3 opponents in the ring this time!  With Axel Foley being one of many characters likely to return to the screen in the next year or so (safe choices for recovering studios/theaters), it seemed right to look at this type of movie & see how different decades fare against each other.  Varying in popularity and approach, it does give us a fair amount to chew on for the episode.  BTW:  Cop Out is rated 56%, like BHC III - do you agree??

Here is a link to an article discussing the "joke" Morgan told.  It covers a lot of the aftermath as well, where he cried & truly seemed to regret it.  Eddie Murphy has apologized for his earlier material...  Which is what you do to own your actions, and continue to grow as a person. :) 

LINKS:  Dolemite is My Name (has other Eddie Murphy links),   Beerfest, Dune, Das BootTrue Romance, Domino, Running Man, Batman, Beetlejuice. Red 2 (has other Bruce Willis links), Rundown, Blues Bros (has BH Cop link), Coming to America, Commando, Malcolm X.


Episode #312: Horror-Bending I’d Rather Watch

June 7th, 2021

Tucker & Dale vs Evil  Vs. April Fool's Day


Our Battle Royale Summer begins!! 2 delightful romps in horror, set apart by nearly 25 years.  Though they don't share the exact approach, both take a step or 3 away to look at the structure of horror & play with it a little...

Though not mentioned in the episode, April Fool's Day only have a 62% rating with the other at 75%.  Matt is of the mind that AFD deserves at least high 60s or 70s for the entertainment it provides.

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