Episode #314: TVsode IV

July 28th, 2021

Shows/movies discussed from streaming services:  Better Call Saul, Coming 2 America, No Remorse, Loki.

Thank you for your patience! <3 

Summer Blurb 1

July 14th, 2021

As hitting the theaters is now back as an option, we give you some recommendations as we fight with our computer to make recording an option again.

Quiet Place II:  Definitely GO to the theater for this!  Hard to beat the 1st, but Krasinski manages to create new energy without re-treading the same beats over & over.  The arcs for the kids are stronger than the original.

F9:  see it with the same jubilant forgiveness you've had all this time.  Some fans apparently have given up with the lunacy level as it is.  Matt just laughed more than many; not at the intended moments..

Summer of Soul:  Give ?uestlove YOUR love & support for this documentary about a festival neglected by time despite existing film of it.  1969, the same year as Woodstock - somehow this never found anyone willing to pay to produce it after NYC shot an event over the entire summer.  Hope to see it again before it is gone.

Zola:  GIVE THIS YOUR $!!!  Original ideas, indie approach, women directing/writing/leading the film - all of that is happening.  A beautifully sad (not too sad) and unique look at the world of stripping.  Riley Keough & Taylor Paige are inspired, Colman Domingo is intense.  Love the aesthetic, music, way it's shot.  So many silent moments tell you all you need to know without words.

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