Episode #156: More Robot Than Robot

March 8th, 2015
With CHAPPiE hitting theaters this week, it seemed the perfect time to roll out our "Robotics" episode!  A topic that's captivated readers & audiences for generations, mechanoids gone monsters often reflect how humanity has or may go wrong.  Are these the droid movies you're looking for?  The answer is yes:  3 different decade & budget perspectives on the possibilities & the dangers that come with them.  
If you haven't already, go waaayy back to check out Frtiz Lang's masterpiece Metropolis
After that, check out Rahzel (who we referred to randomly) from The Roots.  After THAT, look at this alternate Short Circuit series trailer.
Correction:  we forgot to mention the actual skydiving movie the Short Circuit writing duo did - Drop Zone with Wesley Snipes.

Episode #108: Matthew Broderick Destroys/Saves The World

March 2nd, 2014
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and listen to podcasts once in a while, you could miss it.  

Say...WE have a podcast and it just so happens that this week Leisure Rules! 

 That's right boys'n'girls: It's  Ferraris, Global Thermonuclear War & monkeys in motion as we celebrate the Sultan of Slackers: Ferris Beu...ah..we mean...Matthew Broderick! 

With his adolescent face, quirky charms & bewildered expressions, Broderick was kind of the "Guy To Be"  from our childhoods.  One-liners, world-saving (or threatening) & adventures were his bread'n'butter at the time; how could we not LOVE his body of work?

Episode #107: Remakes Done Right

February 22nd, 2014
Dead or Alive, You're Listening to Us
as we compare Robocop

(1987) -VS- (2014)

It is rare that we here at The Cinema Triforce are taken aback regarding contemporary pop films or remakes/reboots. More often than not, our inklings for what we may or may not enjoy tend to be pretty spot on.  

However, this week we were pleasantly surprised.  More than pleasantly, you could say we were pretty much rendered flabbergasted by the jewel that we now want to lay in your lap.  We have tackled many a remake before; until now, none had given us as much unexpected delight as this week's man of metal.  Not that one, the other one.  

So jack in & thank you for your cooperation. 

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