Episode #154: Epic-sode VI: Ben-Hur

January 25th, 2015
Ever since the inception (cue the noise in your own head) of our "Epic-sodes," this has been on the table for obvious reasons.  Sweeping, grandiose & literally biblical in its scope and span, Ben-Hur was one of the first mega-million-epics.  

Holding Hollywood's first ever eight-figure budget, tens of thousands of extras and a climactic chariot scene that puts even modern CG movies to shame, Ben-Hur has established itself as an all-out fundamental pillar in the foundation of 20th century epic films.  

You can see why it'd be pretty silly if we skipped this one.

We chose this over The Ten Commandments, so you'll have to sate yourself on only one dose of das Heston.  We'll do it again - we're MANIACS!! 

Episode #145: Epic-sode V: Gandhi

November 16th, 2014
The horror is finally behind us, blood-drenched listeners.  After enduring six weeks of terror, dread & disgust, how about something to cheer you & raise your spirits?

Sort of...

While it has been said that nothing is perhaps more horrific than actual torrid history, we also find jewels of hope & achievement woven within these same homespun threads.

Mohandas K Gandhi, "Mahatma" or "Bapu" to his friends, was one such jewel.  In 1982, Richard Attenborough delivered his 15 years-in-the-making magnum opus unto the world.  

It inspired, enchanted, & incited.  This feat is indeed worthy of a "Saga" classification.  Epic, we might say.  We did say.  Stop listening to what we're saying..  we mean, listen to all that we say.  We have microphones

Episode #137: Date Night II: Bad Date Night

September 20th, 2014
It can be hard to sort out what to watch on a 1st movie date.  This is your short list of what NOT to watch, as the night will end in heated debate.  A followup to our Date Night episode some time back (Episode 70), these movies are awesome, but have veeeerrrryyy touchy subjects.  Spanning 3 decades, this group deals in different age groups & types of issues.  There is also a timely U2 reference for the people with I-Phones.

Note:  we skipped over the actor for young Isaiah - Mark John Jeffries.  He was in Haunted Manson, Get Rich or Die Tryin', and Notorious.  He was excellent in Losing Isaiah playing a child with mental issues being born a 'crack baby.'  Barely uttering more than 1 word at a time, he breaks your heart multiple times. 

 Also, the Lone Wolf McQuade reference was a personal one about Matt mistaking David Carradine for Scott Glenn, but he took for granted that Chris wouldn't see the mistake to tag up on it.  Enjoy!

Episode #134: Matt, Defend Your Childhood!

August 30th, 2014
Round #2: Hitting the mat swinging for this round, Matt unloads on your ears with a volley of varying styles: Ninjutsu, Sinanju (no relation).  Hell, he may even pull out an ancient medieval sci-fi weapon to finish you off by the end.  Who knows...
Amidst the deluge of 80's nostalgia that hit us during this episode, we actually had an epiphany.  Regarding the "quality" controversy that envelops much of the home entertainment market nowadays, we're of the opinion that a few misaligned pixels ain't nothing on a 3rd generation JVC copy of Super Fuzz.  You don't know a bad picture until you've had auto-tracking recorded on the copy you copied from the friend who copied it off the TV.  Audio:  we're happy we don't have to fight through white noise just to hear the best jokes.  


Episode #132: 2014 SUMMER SLUT PICKS PT. 3

August 16th, 2014
The air grows cooler and Autumn is nigh!  Luckily, we've got one more sunny season selection for you ladies & gentlemen.

With this last sweet, sweet helping of Summer fun, we found a little something for everyone: raccoons, octopuses, apes.  Man, there are a lot more goodies folded into these three flicks, but if we delved further, we'd be spoiling the episode!  And you don't want us doing that, do you?

Thanks to all our avid listeners for giving us the excuse to spend these beautiful summer months entombed in the air conditioned confines of the movie church. 

BTW:  Here's Chris Pratt rattling off Enimem like it ain't no thang

Episode #105: The Better Angels of Our Nature

February 8th, 2014
Guest Host: Brandon Lee
With the film that swept thru critics & audiences like wildfire, how could we NOT end on such a note?  1 part coming-of-age & 2 parts horror; all topped off with a performance that, to this day, haunts all who've seen it.    

The past few weeks possessed their own unique flavor of modern-day racism: pop-cultured & institutionalized alike.  The culmination lies here.

Thank you all for giving us such great numbers for these rather challenging episodes.  We tend to lean more towards the humorous & eccentric, yet when we decide to tackle such serious topics like this, it's a great feeling to know that you all are along for the ride.

We can't thank Brandon enough for giving us this opportunity.  So without further ado: the third & final installment of our exploration of race in cinema.

Episode #103: Without struggle, there is no progress.

January 25th, 2014

Guest Host: Brandon Lee

Alright.  Are your plates clean?  Still got your napkin?  Ready for the next dish? 

As promised, here's your second helping of racism.  We hope the first course wasn't too heavy.  After leaders of change in the 60s were martyred through murder - including the president - the followers of the message sought to move forward with less fighting.  Not everyone agreed.  This film shows parts of that disagreement.  For those who were blown away by Dangerous Minds, hold on to your hats.  John Singleton put the argument into high gear with some serious issues that still occur nearly 20 years later.  

And remember:

Don't let nobody bring you down.  

Episode #102: By Any Means Necessary

January 18th, 2014
Guest Host:  Brandon Lee

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, we wanted to delve into some more serious cinema by discussing films that have explored racism at great lengths.  Little did we know that when we asked the amazing Brandon Lee (no relation) to join us in this endeavor, that we'd end up getting 3+ hours worth of material!  That's a LOT of episode to digest... 

As this is a subject of rather immense gravity (no thanks to Sandra Bullock or George Clooney) , we thought we'd trim some of the fat and serve said fare in portions, so you don't gorge yourself on too much sluts.  Or race wars.

Worry not, 'cause there are two more courses coming in the following weeks:
  • Higher Learning 
  • American History X

You can get your 2nds & 3rds then.  No trays, though.  All the food can get along on one plate.  

Episode #88: Work Sucks

October 12th, 2013
  • Office Space
  • The Help
  • Swimming with Sharks

  • Take this job and...  you know...

    While most toil day to day in vocations that aren't necessarily ideal, we must never forget that no matter how bad it is:

    It can always be worse.

    A lot worse...

    See, we can write a short episode description....

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