Episode #286: Asian Celebration I

May 14th, 2020
  • Parasite (Korea)
  • Wandering Earth (China)
  • The Good, The Bad, & The Weird (Korea)

Honoring Asian/Pacific Islander American Heritage Month, we look at some amazing things offered to us in recent years from filmmakers outside the U.S. Have at it, people!!

Episode #281: The Hateful 8 (extended)

February 25th, 2020


Mark it down as one of the few times Matt'll talk about a western genre film.  Through this you'll come to be advised about which version wore it better, along with some wisdom nuggets about a few movies out in theaters.  Hear it, drink it, love it!! 

Links:  Big Trouble in Little China, Guardians o Galaxy 2 (has all Kurt Russell links), Annihilation, Hudsucker Proxy, Robocop, Oldboy, Snakes on a PlaneAfro Samurai, Long Kiss Goodnight, Jurassic ParkTrue RomanceComing to AmericaIncrediblesDie Hard '3',  Basic, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill 2the Burbs, Fistful of Dollars.

If it's any indication how Matt's head is boiled, Annihilation was done a year ago & he thought it was pretty recent...

Episode #251: Our SNIKT to Stan III

December 17th, 2018


  • Logan

Do we need to say anything else?!  The answer's NO, Bub.

ARTWORK:  lordmesa.com.  Check out their other amazing stuff!!

Links:  *Hugh Jackman - Days o Future Past (has link to 1st Class), Prestige, The Fountain (ep 36 is spoiler-sode in same month), Swordfish.   
*Marco Beltrami - The Wolverine, Carrie, The Thing, Die Hard (& this episode), Hurt Locker, Red Eye, I Robot(also Chappie), Flight of the Phoenix, Hellboy (has link for X2), 
*The Lookout & Minority Report for the writer.

Episode #248: Afro Samurai

November 5th, 2018

This series finds a few ways to be outside of the box.  Some severe imagery, novel fusions of era/genre, topped with unique characters of both original & traditional design.  The combination may not suit all, but those who enjoy it are likely to be in deep.

To show the degree of approval, Matt has argued this series over Cowboy Bebop as he doesn't enjoy Eddie; it was argued in return that attempting to have all characters be the cool characters doesn't always work.  He does need to watch Bebop again, though.  

LINKS:  (coming soon)

This link is a quick read on the predator dynamic with deer populations & wolves.  We could find the local town version of the situation.


Episode #231: Down with the Sillyness

March 3rd, 2018
  • Sundown (Bruce Campbell)
  • Freddy Got Fingered (Tom Green)
  • Rubber

 Get comfy as we bring you back to the softer side of Sears after a heavy previous episode.  We're bathing ourselves in stupid this week, dunking into the dumbness.  Join us a some talk about frivolity; a good amount of ado about nothing in 3 different shades!

Editorial Note:  Though it was a movie mentioned, it shouldn't go without saying that Micahel Angarano was the kid in Forbidden Kingdom.  We talked about him doing a FABULOUS job in Red State, so it was really young Michael we took issue with..  :)  

Episode #197: TVsode II

November 7th, 2016
It's TV Time again!!!  Join Matt as he acts like your personal TV guide.  Television has been a great asset in learning the highs and lows of making serial entertainment.  Modern media (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu) has learned from many of those lessons and started with a bang.  Even Youtube is making original content.  What a great time to absorb tons of visual fluff!!  Staycations are now a possibility to catch up on your queue and binge some new shows at home.  The quality of the home entertainment flood has increased drastically in the last decade or so.  TV isn't necessarily in its death throes, but it is closer than some desire we imagine.  Slip your shoes off & enjoy some joy over the babble box.  

Shows discussed:  Orange is the new Black, Daredevil, Luke Cage, The Get Down, Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, The Blacklist, Bojack Horseman, Bob's Burgers, The Ranch, Fargo, Dusk til Dawn, Ash vs Evil Dead, Preacher pilot, Lethal Weapon, West World, .

Our twitter is @CinemaSluts if you wanna find us there!!


Just for you peeps - Matt looked up the writers for Supergirl after all:  half of 18 are women.  Shane Black only wrote the 1st 2 LW films (3 & 4 were character writing credits).  We discussed Jeffrey Wright in Casino Royale.  He & Thandie Newton were in W (Powell & Rice), just in case you haven't had enough political input this year (wink wink nudge nudge).


Correction:  Death style contractors are not a thing; Death STAR contractors was what he meant to say (as in Clerks - also applies to the thankless jizzmopper job).


Links:   Pursuit of Happyness,  TombstoneYoung Guns, Terence Stamp of Approval.

Episode #191: Flubisode IV - Live Free or Flub Hard

August 15th, 2016

The time for mistakes is upon you!!  Never heard us screw up, you say?  Well then, you have more episodes to seek out on the Podbean.com page!

As the struggle of schedules, guests, and locations continues, it seemed the right moment to hit you with an overdue Flubs episode.  The clips here go all the way back to episode 152, so you've got plenty of Chris & David along with some guest host bits from the last year & change.  

Just to keep us honest, there were only 88 clips to be wrangled into this tasty mess-up meal.  Don't spoil your dinner and tell your friends!  But tell them to listen to other episodes before listening to this one...  This isn't the place to nurture a new person's love for us.  

For those who adore the fails & extras - here are the 1st 3 flubisodes: 4898151.

- One of the longest 'unknown noise' moments is actually stomach grumbling, just in case anyone imagines something more sinister.

Here's a clip for most of us who don't know/remember who the hell Robert Vaughn is: Magnificent Seven  Vaughn speaks at 1:30.  
also - here's an interview & some lawyer commercials:  Vaughn 2

Episode # 189: TVsode I

July 23rd, 2016

What's this you ask??  It's a bit o' TV Time!!

While setting up for a delayed episode, we opted to give you a slice of what we watch when we aren't doin' flicks for you lovely folks.  The majority of these shows are in fact Netflix original content, as they have been leading the pack in creating original ideas and remaking a thing or two that failed.  There are some cable shows mentioned also that Matt recently finished (Echo Base didn't quite get to finishing SOA together).  This decade is fast becoming a new Golden Age of television-style serial shows.

INTRO/OUTRO:  Death Bed Confession - get their stuff on iTunes, Spirit, Google Play, Pandora.  Awesome band from Denver!! 

BTW, Chris & Matt are working through the 3rd Season of Arrow.  Chris couldn't get through the Flash, but Matt really dug it (it's worth getting through the 1st half for the 2nd half of the 1st season).  Like Netflix, the 2 shows have different tones, so it doesn't feel like the same show with different costumes (except the certain writing moments when it does ;) ).  

EDIT 8/21: Matt finished Arrow S3 - a nice ramp-up over the season; he almost gave up, glad he didn't.  He also finished Stranger Things & it is greeeaaaatt!!!  Stick it through for the 2nd half.

Here is Rachel Bloom's video:  F*ck Me Ray Bradbury

Here is the filthy Deadwood vid:  CS

Thankfully, someone also put the Robot Chicken clips together: White Wine

Episode #158: Remakes, East vs. West II

April 7th, 2015
The Seven Samurai -VS- The Magnificent Seven
Alright cinephiles, we come at you this week with one of the most epic comparison episodes we've completed to date.

We have already professed our love for all things Kurosawa, it is High Noon time we highlight what many consider to be his tour de force AND the westernized version that came later.  Both are formidable in their own right, but at the end of the day, only one can stand triumphant as the master of all things Seven.  

Which one you ask?  Who was the victor in our summation?  Why, you've got to tune in and find out.  We don't even spoil in our episodes - so we're not spoiling the episode in our description.  I mean, REALLY!!

Music Corrections:  The Megadeth reference was actually for Holy Wars, not Hangar 18 (both great songs from a great album).  Also, in Top Secret:  the underwater bar fight ends in the Bonanza theme.  

Episode #122: 2014 SUMMER SLUT PICKS PT. 2

June 8th, 2014
The sun shines, the days grow longer & the Sluts just keep on talking...
It's our Summer Blockbuster Spectacular sequel:  so naturally, there's more violence and nudity and not really.  
No monsters kings, this week it's dragon queens.  Oh, and mutants with a penchant for groin & toilet humor.  Maybe we're mixing our movie metaphors.  Just listen, pretty sure we got it all right on the track.  
We may come back for a third installment of these.  
Either way, grab yer swim trunks & head with us to Waterloo
'Cause we all know, the boys & the girls are doin' It...  Goin' to waterslides, Dude!

Episode #116: It Should Have Been Worse Pt Deux

April 26th, 2014

Guest Host:  Jay Q


Ford Fairlane

Lone Ranger


Matt brings you good news from afar.  From the Misty Mountains Coors, he discovers more flix made of bricks and not sticks (nor styx).  Johnny Depp returns again with a movie rising out of the ashes of expected doom, as he starred in our 1st episode of movies better than expected - Episode 43.  With a little help from a Denver talent, his friend Jay helps lay down the law of the land of forgotten or neglected films.  Broken Lizard is somewhat infamous, but some folks missed the lesser known films (sakes, we haven't seen the most recent one!).  If a comedian doesn't get more than 1 movie out, it is forgotten that they tried except the select few viewers.  Many take the jewels of their childhood nile seriously, so they don't favor new attempts to strip-mine them for more money. 

Each of these stand out in ways that you don't expect.  They require a personal viewing to see how they strike you.  Jay & Matt offer some insight as to why they are in fact worth your time. 

Next week:  the sluts reunite!! 

Audio Note:  as this was done on different equipment, the quality is a bit off.  There were some moments where I re-recorded lines that clipped out & could not be heard.  There are even a few ticks for jokes/points that could not be lost, but could not be redone either.  It'll take you back to the days of 80's cable edits for R-rated films. 



Episode #112: Remakes Remade - 3rd Time is a Charm?

March 29th, 2014
A number of episodes ago (#94), we ventured forth on an East -vs- West comparison under the vanguard tutelage of Akira Kurosawa & Sergio Leone.  Now, when setting out, we certainly did not expect to meet a third contender at the crossroads of this discussion.  

Here is a humble (though a bit harsh) addendum to that grand adventure.  While it's a tad late (more than 48 hours for sure) we think you'll enjoy it nonetheless.  Prepare yourselves for another chapter on your art, Warriors.  Don't worry about re-loading for the episode we almost called:  "Whatchu Walken 'Bout, Willis?"

Episode #94: Remakes, East vs. West

November 23rd, 2013
  • /Yojimbo
  • /Fistful of Dollars

  • Welcome aboard Slut airlines.  Once again we are cruising at a comparison altitude of twenty-thousand-Awesome.  Our destination is set and it's coast to coast Bad-Ass-ery this week as we journey both East AND West to bring you a set of sublime superheroes with a penchant for perplexity, pain & pot stirring.  Do buckle up, we're expecting a Fierce Ty-Fune from the East Woods.

    Vague, you say?  Not at all, we reply!  'Cause once you've cracked the whip on these two flicks, you'll see just what we were talking about.  Our only regret with this episode is that our two stars never had the chance to star opposite each other - oh, the flicks that might have been...

    The captains have switched on the START-LISTENING sign, So, go ahead...make our day.  

    Episode #93: I Have a Brother (in this Movie)

    November 16th, 2013

    If you were thrown into working professionally with your brother/sister, how might you react?  Would you be an unstoppable, cohesive unit of "Getting It Done" or an expletive-laced tornado of suck, interspersed with moments of rage?

    Well, we hope it's the former 'cause this week our topic is just that: Hollywood actor siblings and how well they operate on-screen.  Whereas most actors only have rehearsals to develop a bond with each other, siblings have a decidedly unique advantage in such situations (you know, they've been rehearsing this their whole lives).  How well does it play out on the screen?  Tune in & see what we think:

    We're hoping to get at least one other episode out of this topic, but were hard pressed for any sister/sister duos that may be out there.  If you have any suggestions, shoot us an e-mail: cinemasluts@gmail.com or message us on Facebook.  Actual siblings - Undercover Brother & Sister Act (1 or 2) do not count.  

    Episode #89: Remakes as Equals - True Grit

    October 19th, 2013
    Saddle up pilgrim 'cause it's another comparison episode. 

    True Grit
    1969 -vs- 2010:  The Duke -vs- The Dude

    Comparing these two was no easy task, but rest assured buckaroos, we were up to the challenge.  

    The decades that divide these two are the key to understanding their thematic disconnect.  While this can be said about many re-imaginings that span more than a few years, those films lacked one vital component that make all the difference here: The Coen Brothers.  More specifically, the Coens and their take on the core of this story: Retribution:  A theme both naively earnest & borderline righteous in sixty-nine, now draped in a post-modern cowl of moral ambiguity & pragmatic obligation.  

    My, oh my, how the years make a difference.

    But enough talk.  NOW to LISTEN.  Grab a White Russian and enjoy 'Cause this is just like... our opinion man.  Revenge is a dish best served with a gun in it.  Here we come to snuff the Roosters...  ahh yeeeeaaaeeeayyyhhhh.  There - the 1 song that didn't make the cut ('cause Matt forgot).

    Here's a trailer for the 1969 film using the same moments as the trailer for the 2010 film.  Kinda cool

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