Episode #10: Singers Gone Heroes

March 17th, 2012
  • Tremors (Reba McEntire)
  • New Jack City (Ice-T)
  • A surprise Fresh Prince flick

  • 10 Episodes - TEN!!!   *HONK*    Ten     Eeepisodes  (get it, Grosse Pointers?)

    If they can make music they can act, right?  Elvis did it many times - "Lemonaade, that cool refreshing drink."  We turn our lens of Diplomatic Scrutiny onto musicians who choose to memorize lyrics for a song 90 minutes long (give or take).  Come warm your movie-loving ears by our soundfire, upon which we burn.

    We edged out Tom Jones in Mars Attacks, cause after all he plays Tom Jones (with staggering accuracy).  We'll make up a way to talk about it in za future.  We are now in iTunes,  also under Cinema Triforce.  We shall meet again...  to talk about musicians who don the villain mask.  That horse will rise again; unless you double-tap.

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