Episode #101: Shuffle

January 11th, 2014

"It's on Random."  

Featuring Guest Host:  Miss Amy

It's a grab bag of a week as we throw caution to the wind & hope you'll join us for the party Richter (we already did that). Miss Amy had tossed this idea into our noggins some months ago.  We thought of calling it The Slut Shuffle, but feared that could draw the wrong crowd.  

So, we asked her to pull up a stool & join us for the ensuing carnage that can only occur when a few hosts like ourselves are left wandering the cereal isle like the sugar-crazed delinquents we are.  

There's no rhyme.  There's no reason.  There's just the Episode.


Oh, and for anyone listening intently: It was episode #61: Down with the Episode. 
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