Episode #105: The Better Angels of Our Nature

February 8th, 2014
Guest Host: Brandon Lee
With the film that swept thru critics & audiences like wildfire, how could we NOT end on such a note?  1 part coming-of-age & 2 parts horror; all topped off with a performance that, to this day, haunts all who've seen it.    

The past few weeks possessed their own unique flavor of modern-day racism: pop-cultured & institutionalized alike.  The culmination lies here.

Thank you all for giving us such great numbers for these rather challenging episodes.  We tend to lean more towards the humorous & eccentric, yet when we decide to tackle such serious topics like this, it's a great feeling to know that you all are along for the ride.

We can't thank Brandon enough for giving us this opportunity.  So without further ado: the third & final installment of our exploration of race in cinema.
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