Episode #106: Tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman

February 15th, 2014
We lost a truly amazing artist a few weeks ago.  Philip Seymour Hoffman had been on our "To Do"  ever since we started.  Not only for his flair & gift of the stage, but also for people's inability to remember his name during the first decade or so of his career.  

He was going to be categorized under our "3 Degrees of That Guy" series, but alas: now that mood is much darker.  For what was going to be an episode celebrating his genius & chameleon-esque talent, has now become an epitaph.  An epitaph that we deliver with no less enthusiasm, but much heavier hearts.  There are 'bigger' movies he has been in, but these embody his largest roles and 3 different shades of his awesomeness that sadly was not enough to keep him going.  

We'll miss you Sir.  We tip our Mountain Dew in your direction.
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