Episode #107: Remakes Done Right

February 22nd, 2014
Dead or Alive, You're Listening to Us
as we compare Robocop

(1987) -VS- (2014)

It is rare that we here at The Cinema Triforce are taken aback regarding contemporary pop films or remakes/reboots. More often than not, our inklings for what we may or may not enjoy tend to be pretty spot on.  

However, this week we were pleasantly surprised.  More than pleasantly, you could say we were pretty much rendered flabbergasted by the jewel that we now want to lay in your lap.  We have tackled many a remake before; until now, none had given us as much unexpected delight as this week's man of metal.  Not that one, the other one.  

So jack in & thank you for your cooperation. 

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