Episode #109: Not Non-Stop

March 8th, 2014
At The Cinema Triforce, we dig us the Liam Neesons...A LOT!  

Recently, however, our Solid-as-a-Rock partnership was recently Taken hostage & shaken to the very core:  a mismatch of exuberance regarding Neeson's most recent film.  So, Over The Next Three Days this cinematic strife plagued us Non-Stop and things were looking pretty Grey, until we realized there was only one thing to do:  resolve this Fallout with a celebration of avionic proportions.  

That's right.  Hi-jinks in the high skies avid listeners.  

From Michael Bolton-vs-Arsenio Hall to notebooks and blood banks, we covered a lot of Deadly Ground this week. 

While may this episode may be a few Jedi/God/Knight/Supervillains short of a full-frontal fighting frenzy in fast n furious flying fury, these 3 movies are fun without making you question your existence.  Maybe just consider driving home next time.  Matt will talk about Non-Stop briefly in the future once he has a moment to see it.  Til then, insert the plug into the jack & your couch cushion can be used as a flotation device.  Also, oxygen will come from the trees & plant life; though the air may not inflate, you will be getting it.  No smoking.  
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