Episode #111: Shuffle-ish

March 23rd, 2014
Fortuitous fortunes befall us as we once again close our eyes, take a deep breath & hit the RANDOM button!
Okay, so No.  We didn't pick these literally at random; more that fate saw fit to spontaneously lump them together onto a shelf when we were out & about.  What started out as mere jest, flourished into what's effectively become the second installment in our SHUFFLE series.  
Remember humble listeners: there was no scheming.  Seek ye no clever conspiracy here.  This is a war you would believe.  The cops are not in on it.  It's merely an enjoyably unforeseen mishap that left us reeling in the connections.  
As always, we dare you to give us 3 titles to figure out a way to connect them.  It will be ours, oh yes:  it will be ours.  
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