Episode #116: It Should Have Been Worse Pt Deux

April 26th, 2014

Guest Host:  Jay Q


Ford Fairlane

Lone Ranger


Matt brings you good news from afar.  From the Misty Mountains Coors, he discovers more flix made of bricks and not sticks (nor styx).  Johnny Depp returns again with a movie rising out of the ashes of expected doom, as he starred in our 1st episode of movies better than expected - Episode 43.  With a little help from a Denver talent, his friend Jay helps lay down the law of the land of forgotten or neglected films.  Broken Lizard is somewhat infamous, but some folks missed the lesser known films (sakes, we haven't seen the most recent one!).  If a comedian doesn't get more than 1 movie out, it is forgotten that they tried except the select few viewers.  Many take the jewels of their childhood nile seriously, so they don't favor new attempts to strip-mine them for more money. 

Each of these stand out in ways that you don't expect.  They require a personal viewing to see how they strike you.  Jay & Matt offer some insight as to why they are in fact worth your time. 

Next week:  the sluts reunite!! 

Audio Note:  as this was done on different equipment, the quality is a bit off.  There were some moments where I re-recorded lines that clipped out & could not be heard.  There are even a few ticks for jokes/points that could not be lost, but could not be redone either.  It'll take you back to the days of 80's cable edits for R-rated films. 



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