Episode #117: Snipes I’d Rather Watch

May 3rd, 2014
Demolition Man vs. Blade 
As single shines the triple sun, the Triforce is re-sundered with Matt's return.  To ease his passing, we opted to do only 2 movies this week:  as promised, it's a Snipes off!!  Where will our love be placed and where will the hammer fall?  Listen and find out.
Wesley Snipes came out of some great comedy in his early career, but his drama with Spike Lee rounded him out.  Then he surprised us with his knowledge of the martial arts and was flung into being an action star;  it was like Jason Statham, but with less taxes.  These 2 films took the audience on in different ways, so which arose the victor for us?  The answer may surprise you.  Or, it may not.  But it might.  Also, it might not.
P.S.  We forgot to mention the silliness of the dental appliance for Snipes that wasn't really necessary with few exceptions; making him sound like he was acting through his lunch.
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