Episode #118: Earth, Wind & Fire

May 11th, 2014
You can't always tell the bad guy by the black hat.  Sometimes, it isn't human at all.  Here are a few examples of the adversity we face that has no face.  Spanning about 15 years, these flix have different approaches to storytelling and heroism.  Certainly, they are abby normal in who they make the antagonist bad guy.  
Now when you think of Phillip Bailey, you're not gonna think of Phil Collins:  you're gonna think of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, & Helen Hunt, & Bill Paxton, & Dustin Hoffman.  Why Dustin Hoffman?  You gotta listen to find out.  Collect episodes & win!!  S & H apply.  Some assembly required.  Not legal in all states.  Use only as directed.  
You have more 3-word titles to sling at us?  go ahead - cinemasluts@gmail.com.  Cinema Triforce on Facebook.  Lions, Tigers, & Bears?  Got it comin'.  What else ya got?  
Happy Mother's Day
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