Episode #119:Tribute to Bob Hoskins

May 18th, 2014
2014 is definitely not pulling its punches.  Not even halfway thru the year and we've already lost some of the greatest:  Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Shirley Temple, Harold Ramis.  And just a few weeks ago, another great was robbed from us, far too soon:  Bob Hoskins.
It wasn't until we were compiling our dossier on Hoskins that we realized just how much he had done and how little of his work we had seen.  We're hoping to remedy that, but in the meantime, we chose some of our favorites to highlight the talent of this truly gifted actor. 

We marveled at cartoon crossovers, trembled at the sight of a scary mob boss, & laughed until our eye patches hurt.  So, we tip yet again another Mtn. Dew in salute to a glorious career.  Bob, fun.  Hello Bob - Bye Bob.  Sonofabitching Bob.  

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