Episode #120: 2014 Summer Slut Picks Pt. 1

May 24th, 2014
It's the week of Crypticon 2014, so we  just ran to the nearest theater & let ourselves loose. 
In the 1st installment in our 2014 Summer Slut Movie Spectacular, we lead off with some spy action, a bit of web slinging & good ol' destruction of public property, JAPANESE STYLE. 

We'll return to our previously scheduled program next week.  Same Slut Time (roughly), Same Slut Channel.  Site.  Whatever.  Til then: ENJOY!

What did we learn in the horror prep sessions?  A:  Pulse movies (Japan & US) - meh, though Japan had better messages.  B:  Amer Horror Story, neat; The Killing, not really horror but pretty good drama.  C:  C. Thomas Howell in 1986 is better than 2 actors in 2007 (check out the 2001 sequel with him, Jake Busey & Kari Wuhrer - not bad, plus it's on Netflix so it's easy).  

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