Episode #133: Epic-sode IV - Braveheart

August 23rd, 2014
*For full effect, the following must be read aloud in a bad Scottish accent*

A'lright lads & lasses...we hope you're all ready  for we got another taste of the EPIC for you.  It's been far too long since we last delivered such an episode and we hope this week doesn't disappoint.  This oughta hit ya like a bolt of lightning

Now, say what you will about present day Mel, back in the day, hoo-boy was he awesome!  A prince, a cop, a road warrior...there's nothing this lad couldn't tackle and transform into solid gold, and legendary sagas of Scottish insurrectionists were not exempt from this Midas touch.  

It may not be a perfect history lesson, but one cannot deny that it is indeed: EPIC.  

So here, you listen...we'll hold you down.  



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