Episode #143: Messin’ with the Genre

November 1st, 2014
Like William Shatner, horror has gone to such extremes that it now can refer to itself.  Like Leonard Nemoy, though it tries to deny it, it is often best when it just admits what it is according to the audience.  Through that, now horror can toy with the audience because so many things have been effectively set in stone.  We lined up 3 movies that have done this in the last decade, each with a different approach, different budget, and different levels of exposure and success.  

Once it is pointed at, some of these definitive moments can be quite funny to most people (not just us demented folk who always laugh at horror).  These films go so far as to cover a particular person in blood each time something happens.  Forget bullets, there is a bucket that has your name on it!  Enjoy the cinema slaughter.

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