Episode #147: Remakes Across the Ocean

November 30th, 2014
Abre Los Ojos -vs- Vanilla Sky

Whether Chris may be aware of it or not, we've turned in a great many "Remake" episodes.  However, only a handful of these are of an international flavor.  This week we do a remake that began in Spain. 

Usually remakes in another country create a different style, so both can be appreciated for their own flavors.  We're not talkin' Amazing Spider-Man territory, we mean noticeably different approaches to a story.  Still want Penelope Cruz but not Tom Cruise?  Try the original..

It's not often that we can do two films where an actor plays the same character in both.  Please send us suggestions of when this was done in other remakes - cinemasluts@gmail.com.   We do have a similar remake box we've yet to unwrap for you, but until then...  

Listos?  Ahora, escuchan y disfrutan por favor.  
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