Episode # 177: 3 Degrees of Paul Gleason

January 30th, 2016
Paul Gleason has had a slew of little character roles, but some movies gave him a bit more time to shine as a character you almost always hate, or are meant to hate.  We've already looked at 2 of those in Die Hard and Johnny Be Good.  This charismatic villain of the 80's gained so much infamy, that one of his last films (our 3rd) capitalizes on showing him to a new generation.  

Like Eddie Murphy's stand-up comedy of the 80's, the writing/jokes of Trading Places hasn't all aged well.  What is fascinating, though, is a movie from 2002 trying to get just a bit more mileage out of the same dated material - it is almost a movie that would sympathize with the bully Alpha house from Revenge of the Nerds.  Maybe they needed more scenes with the Paul of Gleason - 
Among the strangest common factors is that suicide comes up in all 3 of these comedies; not a trigger warning or anything, just a bizarre occurence..
There is some obvious tribute to Lemmy from Motorhead & David Bowie.  Since this recording, we also lost Alan Rickman, and Glenn Frey from the Eagles.  Hit that link above to hear our discussion of Die Hard, and we tossed a Frey song under this episode.  Love your idols, give them money at conventions or go see them live:  that's where they get more money from us than their studios do.  Support what you love!  
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