Episode #217: Badass Shuffle

August 13th, 2017
  • Domino/
  • Bone Tomahawk/
  • Hardcore Henry/

Badass movies - need we say more?  Other than these are lesser known & often hated?

Notes - the tattoo was not real, and it sounds like this script became more of a fictional story with real people involved featuring elements of her experiences.  It spent 10 years not being made as a biopic script, so maybe it was a necessary change.

LINKS:  Keira Knightley: Pirates o' Carribbean, The Hole.  Kurt Russell: The Thing, Stargate (has all other links).  Richard Jenkins: Spotlight, Cabin in the WoodsBurn After Reading.  All Sharlto Copley links are in the Stargate link above.  Also Mentioned: Basic, A Serious Man.  For any digital color fans that missed it, here is our Color Filters Galore episode (which has Matt's favorite movie of all time!).

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