Episode #22: Remakes for the Better 1

June 16th, 2012

The Lion In Winter:  1968 battling 2003.  Lawrence of Arabia squares up against Captain Picard.  The woman who brought up baby takes on the vice president to Harrison Ford.  Spoiler, the new version is mostly better in our world.  See them both, then decide for yourself.  In what could end up our most controversial series, we look at the good and bad side of modern adaptations of classic (at the least existing) films.  This may not be on everyone's radar, but the script is unparalleled in many respects.  Almost Shakespeare without the language barrier.

Four Titans face off without Sam Worthington falling in & out of his Australian accent.  Man we're getting snarky in our 20's.  If your taste favors the way things used to be made, don't worry.  We will get to that soon.  There is a list of movies where the original left the future attempt in the dust.  Until that day, enjoy this and give us other ideas to throw into this category.

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