Episode #24: In the Kings’ Name

June 30th, 2012

How about a taste of the REGAL for this week’s episode?  Mmmm.  A sumptuous & savory spread to satiate your sweet tooth for all things shocking, secret & sovereign.

From silver spoons to Lexus convertibles, we’ve got something for even the most discriminating collector.  Now, we realize that on the surface these films have no correlation betwixt them aside from their stately titles, but oh how wrong we were.  They also have no royal kings, but pimp cups are making their place at the table and on the tapestries.  Okay, there are no pimp cups per se, but you’ll get our drift.

Speaking of drift, one of these was directed by the guy who wrote the Fast & the Furious.  That’s as close as we’ll ever get to that.  So prepare thy self for a feast among 3 foppish films.

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