Episode 26: Toons 2 - Electric Doodloo

July 14th, 2012
  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • Osmosis Jones
  • The Fantastic Mr. Fox

  • Hey….70’s & 80’s kids! Remember Saturday mornings?  Ya know... Rising without an alarm clock @ 5 AM, PJs, a bowl of your favorite cereal & your next 6 hours planned out meticulously?!  Praying to god that there’s no golf tournament scheduled @ 9 to shatter your animated bliss?  Yeah, we miss those days too.  Venger & Shredder…  Lion-O & Miles Mayhem?

    Now you can sleep in and DVR what might remain on Saturday morning.  While today’s young-ins may not have what we had, they aren’t lacking in the dept. of animated movies.  They’ve no doubt experienced the same thrill & exhilaration from these recent flicks as we did when we did when we were young(er).

    Pixar has truly set the standard over the last 15 years - (read as Mako) but THAT is another story.  Dreamworks and others have made a few notable marks, and here are a few recent gems that are leveling the playing field.

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