Episode #291: The Bobfather, pt II

July 26th, 2020


  • Doctor Sleep/

The 2nd half of our Shining-ing is now upon you!  There was so much to edit, Matt didn't bother making extra intro/outro clips (yes, the last episode ended that way intentionally...  sort of).  Our discussion of the Mystifying Dr Sleep goes many places, but will hopefully sell you to see the movie if you missed it.

In the midst of our rail changes, we forgot to specifically mention Alex Essoe & Carl Lumbly, the actors who played Wendy Torrance & Dick Halloran in this.  Lumbly's been in over 100 things since the 80's!  So many tv shows that we didn't watch, plus Men of Honor, Alias, & Supergirl.  Essoe hasn't hit it big, but it could be coming - 40 credits in about a decade is a good start.

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