Episode #296: We Still Need To Talk-isode

September 28th, 2020


Though not an isolated incident, it ended up being an isolated episode as our clock ran out this week.  We have some delectable discussion ready for next time, but there is plenty to chew on for this one.  A brutal mark on our country as we betray our own, this recent film can be difficult as it is believable that this could still happen in nearly the same way. 

Strap in for Matt getting perhaps the most upset he's been on digital tape for this show - 

Links:  Maze Runner, Man on a Ledge, Hurt Locker, Capt America Civil War, Manchurian Candidate, The Hate U Give, Short Term 12, Near Dark, Flatliners, Outbreak, Devil's Advocate, Batman Begins, Dark Knight, The Lookout.

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