Episode #32: Good Ol’ RubiksKub

September 2nd, 2012

John Huston had 35.

Truffaut: 21.

Lean mastered 24 before the end & Spielberg has 28 and counting.

Stanley had 12…more than half of which are said to have changed the face of cinema forever.

Kubrick was an extraordinarily complex director & while we have plans to cover (almost) his entire canon, the choices of our first foray into his world are an unlikely assembly.

Can you guess what the 3 are?  Huh?  Hmm?  Write your answers down, put that shiny grey stuff on top, put them into a SASE and send it to Cinema Sluts on Earth.  If we scratch it off and you win, we'll announce your name on the air.  In fact, if your letter gets to us - that's impressive on it's own.

P.S., if you cheat:  we'll know.  We have ways.  Like the rats of NIMH.  Submitted for your unwavering approval:  Stanley Kubrick has just been discussed -  in the Triforce Zone.

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