Episode #34: WTF Mate?

September 16th, 2012
A trailer can show you the coolest stuff (which is sometimes all you need of a bad movie).  It can also spoil the surprises of a good movie.  Some movies are so out there that no amount of spoilage can help you understand them; a trailer can be deceptive in making you think a movie is normal then it's insane when you see it. 

Loved and hated (maybe even unknown), these movies spark discussions that often lead to arguments on who got it right or how much they sucked.  Like a prog-rock band, the talent cannot be denied - even if they are not your speed. 1 comes from out of nowhere, 1 is often said to go nowhere, and 1 goes too many places.  Join us in looking at these mindwarps, if you dare.  Keep an eye (and ear) out, we'll drop off our 1st spoiler section on these 3 pretty soon!
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