Episode 38: In Defense of Keanu

October 13th, 2012
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This week we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make a stand; to draw a line in the sand.  Across this line… YOU DO NOT.  Oh, and Dude?  Keanu is not the preferred nomenclature:  Mr. Reeves please.  Bay 12.  Mr. Reeves has experienced an immense amount of ridicule & mocking from a huge swath of the cinematic world.  Ever since his stint as one half of the duo that will end up being the saviors of the human race (and we are... *ahem* We WILL be eternally grateful) he’s been the butt of countless skits, jokes, pokes & prods.  Us Sluts think he’s not always so bad.  In actuality, he can be kind of a badass - so much so that we hand-picked three of his shiniest gems & polished them up for your enjoyment.

Enjoy Matt's (unintentional) impression of Stewie doing an impression of Keanu.  Enjoy the rest too, that one part is at the beginning.  We'll quit telling you what to do (for now), just listen since you're already here.  You do not want to squander the fruits of your surfing venture.  Whoa.

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